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  1. Ibleve

    2021 Bronco Will Appear at Bronco Super Celebration EAST (Tennessee) on Oct 6-10

    Looking forward to it! Rented a cabin at a neat little camp ground down the road from the site! If you’ve never been to the area, it’s beautiful and this is the best time of the year. I’ve never been to a Bronco event, as I’ve never owned a Bronco, but can’t wait to become officially indoctrinated!
  2. Ibleve

    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    I’m simple, but exactly like this! Behind the tinted windows, the light/ white interior and lux pack.
  3. Ibleve

    Early Bronco Orders/Expected December Delivery

    My first dealership, before switching to Stephens, was an internet sales rep. Super nice, tenured , but not outgoing and motivated. My take is , at least in this case, gets handed leads , no real selling or closing, thus minimal customer service ( or drive to learn)
  4. Ibleve

    Early Bronco Orders/Expected December Delivery

    100% agree . I work specifically with auto dealers every day . The range is all across the board, but in 20 years have only dealt with a handful of truly deceitful. Ignorant, yes! ( ignorance defined as not knowing all the facts, not intended as a slam)
  5. Ibleve

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    I, too, made the switch. Looking forward to working with you and the team John! echo the comments above on the Ford Customer Service line. Very helpful and friendly! My rep do say he had heard of Stephens quite a bit lately 😜
  6. Ibleve

    The Plan & Offer - Stephens Auto Center's Mid Atlantic Bronco Connection

    Sounds great. Out of local loyalty I want to give my dealer a chance to match, being transparent as well, but admit, looking forward to a flight from Knoxville to West Virginia, and I road trip back to Gods country with my 10 year old.
  7. Ibleve

    BEER! 🍺

    Started home brewing this summer. Current run is a jalapeño blend ale.
  8. Ibleve


    Ha, I was just checking Delta times to use my pent up miles on next June!
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    That’s great, under 5 hours from Knoxville!
  10. Ibleve

    Bronco Decals

    Can I resist?
  11. Ibleve

    2021 Bronco Dealers: No-ADM, X-Plans & Special Discounts Master List

    Just outside Knoxville, Tennessee is Ray Varner Ford in Clinton TN. Internet sales manager confirmed no adm and yes on x package. ( assuming of course part of the program ).
  12. Ibleve

    Dual Tops

    Apologies if this has been discussed, but I am curious about dual tops vs. painted top (I.e., either shadow black or white) and one of the Bimini options. Any thoughts , experiences with wrangler or inside info? All I have to go on is a questionable video of soft top appearance thus far..
  13. Ibleve

    Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    There are many and logical reasons not to squatch a Badlands, but for me, personally, as likely my last new vehicle, I think it’s a no brainer, I say before seeing pricing , of course😬
  14. Ibleve

    Factory Tube Doors For 2021 Ford Bronco Leaked Look

    Rhetorical, but do we know if the “hole-y doors” are 2 door only? Hope not!
  15. Ibleve

    Area 51 thread

    I am so hoping that Area 51 looks like the digital brochure image and not the Bronco Sport! Am I being naive?
  16. Ibleve

    Bike rack / bicycle carrier for 2021 Bronco

    Great info - I am also wondering. Any recommendations for a 4 bike? We have a mix of kids , mtn and mine is a Micargi Mustang cruiser ( read as a little too long to rack, but 😜)
  17. Ibleve

    Where are you in the reservation line?

    Reservation went thru 10:30 7/13. 10114465. 4dr Badlands. Long time till June, hopefully not much beyond 😄
  18. Ibleve

    Tennessee people - Where do you live and what dealership do you plan on buying from?

    Also in Knoxville. Ray Varner Ford Revised to Stephens for the 1,300 under invoice!
  19. Ibleve

    Sasquatch Package price will be?

    I’ll send you a pm first of the week. Graduated with Ray, but have not seen him in years. Small world!
  20. Ibleve

    Sasquatch Package price will be?

    Knoxville too! Right now reserved with Ray Varner in Clinton.