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  1. 11/17 Reservation and already scheduled to build 6/21/21??

    decided to buy a lottery ticket this morning since i never do. I lost so doesnt look good.
  2. Is this...???

    you gotta keep them separated.
  3. Poll for those who have build date.

    please remove my vote.
  4. SCHEDULED PRODUCTION for week of June 7th email!!!

    Dont suppose this is the email. :(
  5. SCHEDULED PRODUCTION for week of June 7th email!!!

    Pre approved certificate?
  6. Bronco Prayer

    my kids come to me with new words. Sus was the last one i had to ask for a definition.
  7. Bronco Prayer

    I feel you. I am bit too up tight and stressed right now. I apologize if i upset anyone. Preferably in
  8. Bronco Prayer

    I agree with and i was not calling out the OP or anyone else. It was a personal consensus to see what others thought. I am a little butt hurt that a post was deleted this week. I believe in free speech because when you start taking away liberties it takes them away for everyone.
  9. Bronco Prayer

    So you are attacking my character? Oh wait. That's a joke right?
  10. Bronco Prayer

    Crazy. I had a post deleted this week that mentioned hyper inflation but people can post religious bigotry perfectly fine. I believe in free speak when it's equal.
  11. Bronco Prayer

    Am I the only one that finds this post offensive?
  12. What is your BL build?

    Area 51 4 door, BL 2.7, Mic Top, High package, tow package.
  13. Rubber shortage incoming apparently

    Those are made from wood. 300% increase in price.
  14. Rubber shortage incoming apparently

    Thought i would share.
  15. Bronco event at Kauffman stadium in KCMO

    This picture. look at the seat, looks scratched but could be dirt. expand the pic. edit:
  16. Bronco event at Kauffman stadium in KCMO

    is that rubbing damage on the seat from the B pillar?
  17. Bronco Order Scheduling Starts Now!

    Right On! Thank you for the information.
  18. Any TX Dealers getting any of the traveling display models?

    There was a post on the texas forms that Jordan ford should be getting two in May/June.
  19. How will “priority” builds affect commodity constraints?

    Dont worry the rich will always get theirs first. no matter what.