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  1. Daily driver??

  2. SCHEDULED PRODUCTION for week of June 7th email!!!

    In first before the... Btw. Congrats. Nice build lol 🙂
  3. 11/17 Reservation and already scheduled to build 6/21/21??

    You'll be waiting a while. He's got himself...
  4. Daily driver??

    Mine will be my daily too. Just like my mustang started out as a daily. Then not so much... I was only going to do like 2 mods. 93 mods later and 750hp I'd had a daily again for a while ..... Lol So I saaaay daily. But what I meeaaannn is we'll see. Lol
  5. 11/17 Reservation and already scheduled to build 6/21/21??

    You should really step away from the computer. Is this how you act in normal day to day life?!
  6. 2022+ Dream Color Palette

    You said you cancelled cause you didnt like any colors... But then like 5 of the colors you picked are already bronco colors... (Silver is sliver to me... Same as carbonized grey and mineral grey).... ?
  7. Are You Getting a Bronco for Looks, Capability, or Both?

    Wheres the 40% to 60% option? I looove the way it looks, (the wife does not but whatever I can always find a new one of those) ... But I also love a little more that I'll be able to get places I couldn't get before. Farther away from people, while looking sexy. I mean the Bronco, not me. I fugly.
  8. Got my vin# but there’s a problem

    Sorry I thought you just meant the tires. If you're have your vin and trying to add the optional wheels now, then no. You cannot make changes. You should have made that change in the 9 months you had to decide before the April 9 deadline. I tried to change my color last week to. Got bounced...
  9. Got my vin# but there’s a problem

    You shouldn't have to add anything. They are the tire. Only upgradeable tire is Goodyear. Ask him which tires the thing is coming with then. Obviously something lost in communication...
  10. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    Well, my buddy and I are going to make our own. More like the original but angled out as far as we can before it gets in the way if the camera... Oh and flared rock sliders too.... That mount to the actual frame!
  11. Got my vin# but there’s a problem

    Aren't the bfg's the standard tire with the upgraded wheels? The Goodyears are the tire upgrade.
  12. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    I talked to my dealer today to see if I was the only one (I highly doubted) to get pulled and get a vin and build date. He had 6 of his 31 orders (17 allocation) get pulled. One for the week before me( after mod tops and drop outs I was up to number 2), one more with me did June 14 and 3 for...
  13. Can we just talk about these new pics if the Mic Top?

    I don't care if it's grey or black or pink as long as it pretty much matches the other plastic on the thing lol.
  14. Can we just talk about these new pics if the Mic Top?

    I've seen a few other pics and vids lately that looked way darker as well in different colors. But I wasn't getting my hopes up ... Now with this being on the one with the new design bush bar....
  15. Can we just talk about these new pics if the Mic Top?

    Thanks to @shoelessjoe for the latest pics... These were in with the new redesigned bush bar thread. Yet barely mentioned... Which I thought was weird. It looks near black... And looks to match, even texture grain wise the flares?! At least mostly?! I hope this is the production version...
  16. Ford's communication around this is unbelievably bad

    Yes, while a few others in this thread should neeeever ever have said kids.
  17. Just wait until Youtubers get their Broncos first!!!

    I don't know. I have my build date, should be here mid to late July. I don't really give 2 shits about people that may get theirs first. Just gives me content to watch while I wait for mine.
  18. Anyone in Canada been given any sort of info regarding their orders?

    My guy has been pretty good so far. Also pretty good at putting up with my shit. Lol. In saying that, he surprised me with a screen shot of his screen yesterday showing my build week and my vin. So I'm happy now. I don't need any more updates unless it gets major delayed. Haha. As for the...
  19. I'm a June Build!! - UPDATE - Received my VIN # today!

    Awesome... June 16th build?! I thought they were doing build of weeks. Mine's the week of June 14th. Should be able to put my vin into my for account in a week or 2 when the window sticker is available. See if that first 20000 ford points is there. Maybe that will also tell us estimated fuel...
  20. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    Like the original one waaay better. Wonder if I'll still be able to find that one... Lol. Looks out of place now to me for some reason....