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  1. Just as a bit of advice to everyone on here, don't bankrupt yourself trying to get a Bronco

    I disagree. There is a limit on how long you want to finance a vehicle because they depreciate tremendously and do not last very long. You do not want to be making payments and footing repair bills. This is an excellent thread. I've gotten the vibes that many on this forum are buying too...
  2. PICS: BASE Bronco in Iconic Silver - completed preproduction model

    The second picture looking at it from behind really makes the mismatched plastic colors stand out. I just zero in on the bumper next to the back fender and can't get over it. I think the silver makes it look even worse. It looks like a bad groutfit.
  3. PICS: BASE Bronco in Iconic Silver - completed preproduction model

    Dang, now I can't unsee this. Especially the base.
  4. Peek at Rapid Red Wildtrak Bronco in Jim Farley interview

    That gray top completely ruins the vehicle. Please tell me this is only a pre-production thing.
  5. Which one is the mall crawler? Outer Banks?

    All of them are except first edition, Badlands, and Black Diamond.
  6. Oxford White Bronco Badlands (Completed Pre-Production Vehicles)

    I mean, the comments and jokes would just wear me down. Literally everyone who you show it to for the first time will make some lame OJ joke or comment as if they're the first one to notice the connection.
  7. Oxford White Bronco Badlands (Completed Pre-Production Vehicles)

    If it wasn't for OJ, that would be the color.
  8. Ford briefs dealers on Bronco reservations, allocations, ordering dates, build date estimates

    So is everyone changing their dealerships from these large group buy places now? I read this as those dealers are not getting hundreds of broncos. Hopefully, you didn't already use your switch.
  9. Cactus Gray Launch Bronco 4-Door at Another Employee Event

    Care to elaborate on what's bothering you in this photo?
  10. Cactus Gray Launch Bronco 4-Door at Another Employee Event

    They have to sell that, right? No way would they keep showing it and then stick their customers with a gray hardtop, right?
  11. This isn't Cactus Grey is it?

    Na, that's closer to Area 51 which gives off the same vibes as the colors from those old/cheap Ford and Mercury station wagons.
  12. A motto for Mansquatch: Need your suggestions!

    Mansquatch - when you see my stick, you'll know I have a small one (engine)
  13. SPOTTED: 2-door Bronco Outerbanks tester in Denver, next to F-150

    The gray top looks horrible. My God is to two door tiny I guess I need to spend $1900 for a black painted top on a 4 door, or I need to buy something else.
  14. ICYMI: 2 Door Bronco Big Bend and Black Diamond Sighting in White and Black

    Cactus Gray. Nobody cares about Carbonized Gray lol.
  15. First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    Did Ford ever give an explanation for the horrendous grey roof? I mean, how do they miss something so obvious. It completely kills an otherwise gorgeous vehicle.
  16. Will a 4dr mansqatch be underpowered?

    I can't be convinced that a 4 cylinder is enough for this truck. Especially when you put 4 doors and 35s on it. That is a heavy vehicle. Even if it is barely enough, it goes against the entire image of the Bronco. To each their own, but mine just can't have a 4-cylinder.
  17. Will a 4dr mansqatch be underpowered?

    A Chinese manual transmission?