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  1. Zero_chance

    All Bronco Colors Painted Bodies Close Up Walkthrough

    Don’t forget base has only a limited selection of colors.
  2. Zero_chance

    Spied: 2023 Warthog Bronco Riding on Raptor-Spec Fox Shocks and 35" Sasquatch Tires

    Incorrect. You can see a metal terminal style connection in a picture and orange is industry standard for high voltage. Check out any hybrid.
  3. Zero_chance

    Spied: 2023 Warthog Bronco Riding on Raptor-Spec Fox Shocks and 35" Sasquatch Tires

    Anyone else notice what appear to be high voltage cables?
  4. Zero_chance

    Confirmed: Manual + Sasquatch Bronco, October Build & Price!

    Love how they snuck in a change from September to October for BNP. So it was originally thought to be august from a “reliable source,” then it was by September, which then also included all of September, and now has apparently changed to October. Brutal.
  5. Zero_chance

    Closeups of Bronco LED headlight and taillight lighting elements

    Buys off road vehicle... worries about paint scrapes on a hinge....
  6. Zero_chance

    Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    Ford already built a pickup off that chassis. It’s called a Ranger. And if they’re really determined to bring the Maverick out, they’d then have three small pickups plus the F150. Seems unnecessary but stranger things have happened. I personally think the Jeep truck looks like trash.
  7. Zero_chance

    Sasquatch package with 2.3L + manual transmission Bronco - testing underway!

    I think people may be overreacting. Just because someone out testing swapped the thirty fives on is ZERO indication Ford is going to make that a production option. Not only that, it’s NOT the Sasquatch package since that is a different suspension entirely, as well as different final drive ratios.
  8. Zero_chance

    I"m out...nawt

    See, you get it. Far as I’m concerned all the fair-weather / fear of missing out folks can go buy a Jeep or Toyota or whatever other turd they’re so in love with. Save stock for real enthusiasts.
  9. Zero_chance

    Ford Corrects Website – BASE 4 Door Bronco Does NOT Come Standard With Automatic Transmission

    A few members are gonna be getting an “I told you so” now.... You can NOT blindly trust the info on the site. That was the only model that listed as such. Muts and ruts people, muts and ruts.
  10. Zero_chance

    2021 Bronco Factory Tire Size & Wheel Size Comparisons (Circumference, Diameter, Height, Width & More)

    For the folks that have never actually ran mud tires, a little info for you. Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to regular driving.
  11. Zero_chance

    Bronco Build & Price date

    Wow 30 pages without the admin hammer coming down. Neat. I’ve decided to temper my expectations with the BNP even being available this month. They do have to launch it eventually.... right?
  12. Zero_chance

    Testing Testing. Ford Bronco Warthog Teased in Prototype Testing Image

    You know if they release this within the next couple years there’s going to be countless pages about how Ford “ripped” people off because they were “made” to buy a launch window Bronco. Can’t wait.
  13. Zero_chance

    Ford trademarks WARTHOG name!

    I’m certain the setup will be sweet once it arrives, but I personally think the name is terrible. Bronco Warthog just doesn’t roll of the tongue very nicely. Maybe it’ll sound better to me by the time it releases.
  14. Zero_chance

    90% sure I'll be trading this in for a 3rd-4th year run.

    I would argue that YOU are putting yourself in a Badlands with high package, not Ford. They’re simply offering a product.
  15. Zero_chance

    Addressing Bronco Nation Friction

    Affiliated and propped up for sure, but I don’t think they’re “ran” by Ford. Think about it, if they were ran by Ford, they wouldn’t need to travel to Colorado for the scoop on the Bronco, they could just stay in Michigan and get one on one time with the Bronco as much as they want. And Ford...
  16. Zero_chance

    ARIZONA Bronco Club

    We’re still playing the long game, so we have to be tempered in our approach, but we still fully intend to get our Badlands trim. Can’t even think about purchase until early 2022, and who knows if we’ll even be able to place orders at that time however. Ford won’t offer any kind of incentives...