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  1. 3track

    Digital Bronco makes cameo on Monday Night Football

    Pretty subtle. No mention of the new Bronco or even a Ford logo. Looked great though!
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    Giveaway Round 2: Bronco6G Pineapple Pizza Stickers!

    I honestly can’t remember where I found it. But yes, carbonized gray. I love it with the white top.
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    NFL Teams Roll Call!

  4. 3track

    All the vehicles we have owned before.

    '73 Ford Bronco '88 Jeep Cherokee '91 Ford Bronco '96 VW Jetta '98 Jeep Grand Cherokee '99 Toyota 4Runner '06 Toyota RAV4 '07 Honda Accord '08 Acura TL '13 Acura MDX (still own) '16 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro '19 Lexus GX460 (still own)
  5. 3track

    What Exterior Color & State License Plate is the Best Combination?

    Any color with the Broncos plate, of course. :cool:
  6. 3track

    Anyone buying a new Bronco owned one in the past?

    My first Bronco was a '73 and my second was a '91. Miss them both! (sorry for the quality...these photos are 25+years old)
  7. 3track

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    Probably doing some maintenance on it or something. Can you imagine what will happen If they take the Bronco B&P down after it goes live? This place will have a melt down. 🤯
  8. 3track

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    When you click on the 2021 F-150 Build and Price, it takes you to the 2020. That is probably causing the confusion.
  9. 3track

    Squatch T-Shirt in A51 by Eddie Bauer

    Had no idea Eddie Bauer sells Bronco gear. Somebody should tell them that is Area 51, not Lt Blue Htr. :cool:'s-graphic-t-shirt-squatch?sp=1&color=Lt Blue Htr
  10. 3track

    Potential Package (+ Sasquatch) Pricing Previewed in Bronco Reservation Survey Email

    It's cheaper on the Outer Banks and Wildtrak because they come standard with the Mid package.
  11. 3track

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @RunninRiot Like you, I’m considering going with Granger. Sil-Terhar seems okay and I appreciate the no-ADM. But the few times I’ve spoken to them it seems I know a lot more about the Bronco and the ordering process than they do. That makes me nervous for when December arrives. I sent an email...
  12. 3track

    Colorado Bronco Club

    @den_jkur They have a $699 “dealer handling” fee, which I was told applies to all vehicles they sell, not just Broncos. They also said they would honor X-plan pricing.
  13. 3track

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Hey everyone. Checking in from Lafayette. Previous owner of ‘73 and ‘91 Broncos. I have a 4dr Wildtrak reserved through Sil-Terhar. I have not done business with them before, so if you have any good or bad experiences, let me know!
  14. 3track

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    It might not be extra, at least according to the color graphic floating around. It only shows Rapid Red and Cyber Orange as costing extra.
  15. 3track

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    Yes, I believe so. Available on all trims except the FE.
  16. 3track

    Antimatter Blue Thread

    Looked around and didn't see a thread for Antimatter Blue. So let's get one started. My original '73 was dark blue, so naturally I'm giving this color a serious look. Have not seen many photos of it yet, but the one Ford put on the Bronco homepage is pretty awesome. Looks like a 4-door WildTrak...
  17. 3track

    Bitten by Nostalgia

    A couple more pics. My buddy in high school had a '70 (the green one on the right). So many good times in these two classics. He still has his, but I sold mine years ago. And possibly the only pic I have of my second Bronco...
  18. 3track

    Bitten by Nostalgia

    Thank you for sharing as well. I too plan on making memories with my kids in the new Bronco. I debated waiting until 2023 so I could get the "50 year anniversary" edition of my original. But 2 years is a lot of memories with these kids growing up as fast as they do!
  19. 3track

    Bitten by Nostalgia

    Hello from Colorado. I've reserved a 4-door Wildtrak, which will be my 3rd Bronco. My first was a 1973 I bought only a few months after turning 16. My second was a 1991 Eddie Bauer Edition. I've been in the 4Runner/GX world for the last 15 years...but excited to be back! Here are a few pics...