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  1. PaBronco

    OBX losing it’s luster

    You guys are brave. As much as I would like to have a Bronco. I am going to wait until I can sit in and drive all of the different models.
  2. PaBronco

    Whew, dodged a bullet.. Wife wanted a Rubicon.

    Around our area you can negotiate 10% off MSRP for a Rubicon but some dealers are willing to keep the inventory on their lot until they get the right buyer that wants to pay full boat. People are lining up to pay MSRP for the Bronco, but I am going to wait until inventory starts to show up on...
  3. PaBronco

    Anyone else concerned about getting burned with "first to market" pricing?

    I think your assessment is correct MKE. I will wait until the summer/fall of 2022 to get my Bronco. By then things should have settled down. I waited about seven months after the JTR release and was able to save more than $5k for waiting a little. I know it is great for some to be the first...
  4. PaBronco

    2021 Ford Bronco Actual Color Renderings

    How about a Rootbeer color rendering
  5. PaBronco

    Bronco Outer Banks (Non Sasquatch) in Shadow Black All Polished Up

    I can not disagree with those smaller tires. With the bigger tires, the Bronco looks totally different. I guess that is why they have so many models so you can pick the best one that suits you.
  6. PaBronco

    Does First Edition mean first delivery?

    Seems like Ford could learn from the Jeep Gladiator Launch Edition debacle. They should definitely deliver the FEs first. Do not know if they will, but they should.
  7. PaBronco

    Any car finance guys? Extend lease or buy-out / flip to Ford as trade in?

    That would be a good option. You sound like a rational fellow. If you want to save even more $, buy out the lease and drive the Outback until the the waters calm and you can buy a Bronco well under MSRP. I am not the type of person to stand in line to pay MSRP since I do not have the be the...
  8. PaBronco

    Do middle roof panels and doors all fit in the cargo trunk?

    I would not want to take the chance they would get damaged when you go over rough terrain. They will get bounced around. In addition, the doors will occupy all of your cargo space.
  9. PaBronco

    Any car finance guys? Extend lease or buy-out / flip to Ford as trade in?

    Best two options IMO , extend the lease six months, and then if needed buy it out, or just buy it out at the end of the current lease period. Your tax is in essence be a wash if you are eventually going to trade it when you get your Bronco.
  10. PaBronco

    Will Bronco Fatigue Cost Ford Reservations?

    Aside from all the comments about the botched reservation site, IMO Ford knows exactly what they are doing. I would think that the low reservation deposit was intentional to generate as many reservations as possible so Ford could satisfy their production lenders that the Bronco would be in...
  11. PaBronco

    Ordering strategy to guarantee you pay MSRP with no ADM - would this work?

    Someone has to help me out here. Why would anyone stand in line in hopes of paying MSRP. I have bought 45+ vehicles in my life so far and would never consider paying MSRP. When the Gladiator came out. people were willing to pay MSRP plus. When the irrational exuberance calmed down after seven...
  12. PaBronco

    Bucking the Sasquatch Fever

    Splash some 35s on the Bronco and my significant other is going to want running boards to get in. I have not seen an option for running boards that I like yet. Most of the photos show the Broncos with no boards. My JT on 33s is about as high as my 5'7" wife can tolerate without assistance.
  13. PaBronco

    First Edition Bronco Will Have Navy Pier Interior Option Only

    That does not look too bad, but the blue they put in the F150 Limited drove me to the Platinum
  14. PaBronco

    Reserve Now, Wait 18 Months...

    History repeats itself. Same conversation was had on the Gladiator forum before the Gladiator was released. People rushed to throw their money away to get the first ones on the street and overpaid thousands. Now the dealer lots are littered with Gladiators. Ford will make as many Broncos as...
  15. PaBronco

    Bronco or Raptor?

    I do not think you will be able to make an intelligent decision until you are able to drive a Bronco. For the limited off roading I do, the Raptor is too big. I can get my F150 around the trails at our camp, but the smaller JT is better suited. For long trips etc... can't beat the ride of the...
  16. PaBronco

    Will Bronco w/ Sasquatch Package fit in the Split Garage Door?

    Looks like a standard 9x7 door? My full sized Bronco and my F150 SuperCrew fit so I do not see why a little Bronco won't
  17. PaBronco

    How many reservations has your dealer received?

    I asked mine after seeing some posts that some dealers had hundreds of reservations. My dealer is not a huge dealer, but not small either. He said they had 2. I was shocked.
  18. PaBronco

    Going Topless for the First Time

    Your worst enemy will be a pop up thunderstorm. Never had an issue with vandalism when going topless.
  19. PaBronco

    When will Bronco become a real threat to Jeep?

    My take, Bronco could be a real threat to Jeep. I appreciate the technical analysis of the off road capability, BUT, most people are not going to do heavy off roading in their new Bronco. The reason I think it will be a threat to the Jeep is because the Bronco will be a more suitable DD with...