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  1. 20Bronco21

    Random Pineapple Sticker Giveaway vs. F#ck Child Cancer

    I’m in for $50.00 as well. I want that sticker.
  2. 20Bronco21

    $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    But when addressing the group of B6G, would not the correct term be “all y’all”?
  3. 20Bronco21

    Moaoun updated rendering

    Much prefer the fender flares to stock
  4. 20Bronco21

    Photoshop request: white grille and modular bumper

    Can one of the photoshop masters make the modular bumper and grille white? Thanks
  5. 20Bronco21

    PICS: BASE Bronco in Iconic Silver - completed preproduction model

    I actually prefer the base level grille, paint it Oxford White and the word Bronco in black or a deep orange. Any of you base buyers want to unload the grille, I’ll take it.
  6. 20Bronco21

    Base Bronco For Sale $29,995 only 3 miles ...

    VIN check shows an invalid VIN number. They make the ad look like the have the vehicle on the ground. Also offer a link to the window sticker. Shows Not yet available.
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    Oxford White Bronco Badlands (Completed Pre-Production Vehicles)

    If the white looks fit, you must commit...
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    Time to call a truce on the constant hammering of Mike Levine

    Ok forum members, it’s time we give Mike Levine a break. He is a spokesman, he brings the good news, he brings the bad news, none of which are his decisions. The constant attacks on him is getting tiresome. I know we are all frustrated at the glacially slow release of information, but this is...
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    Ford is testing factory 37" inch tires for the Bronco (official teaser) & poll

    At least it’s a positive addition
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    Who feels Ford should scrap all these packages and just let us order what we want?

    Scrap the trim levels. I don’t mind a First Edition Bronco, simply because it is the right thing to do, but as for me, the trim sticker comes off as soon as I get into my garage. It’s a Bronco. I have zero patience for elitism within the trim levels. How much you spend, or do not spend, at...
  11. 20Bronco21

    Anyone Wanting the Saddle Leather to be a regular option?

    In a heartbeat... definitely a missed opportunity here
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    B6G members-made logos, badges, stickers thread - submit your work here

    I see wall/garage/Bronco Cave Art in this done in a larger size
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    Sasquatch gearing at highway speed?

    Good to know, thank you. I wasn’t sure if Ford changed ratios specific to the vehicle.
  14. 20Bronco21

    Sasquatch gearing at highway speed?

    This is specific to the Bronco, where the axle ratios, overdrive ratios and tire diameters are known. You would need to check to see what your overdrive ratio is for your Raptor. I do not know if the 10 speed transmissions carry the same ratios across the board.
  15. 20Bronco21

    Sasquatch gearing at highway speed?

    Here is the equation for figuring rpm at a set mph. This is making the assumption that you are in the highest gear of the transmission. If you plan on the manual transmission, your overdrive factor is 0.646. Sasquatch tires are 34.5”. MPH x Axle Ratio x Overdrive x 336 divided by Tire...
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    33s on outer banks, anyone?

    Thanks for the heads up and sharing your experience. The benefit of having time on our side, learning from others who have already walked this road.
  17. 20Bronco21

    33s on outer banks, anyone?

    33s were my plan for my Outer Banks as well, but I have since given serious thought to adding a one inch lift and using BFG KO2 34x10.5/17 tires. One inch taller and a narrower tire that is visually closer to Sasquatch without the full package. Narrower tires would offer lower rolling...
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    Bronco Build & Price date

    I think it’s time to log off, and take a week away from all this and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised next Sunday by something that is actually of use, beyond this endless speculation.
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    Signature vs standard lights ?

    Signature Lighting looks like a Power Symbol rotated 90° right and left. Now you can’t unsee it.
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    Reviewed Bronco paint samples book with inspection lamp - Photos & Video of Antimatter Blue, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red

    Thanks for the insight. Lord only knows when the palate will arrive at my dealer, or if I will even get a call. Good work.