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  1. Firefly

    Who wants to test drive a bronco before making their final decision

    Reserved mine July 17th. Even back then there was enough information out there to conclude dealers would not have one to sit in or test drive before ordering starts in December. I'm not concerned in the least. If I don't like mine on day of delivery I'll walk away and just keep saving for the...
  2. Firefly

    Would You Seriously Consider Green?

    I really don't get the green car fanaticism. I love green forests, green fields and green tractors. Heck, I even like green vegetabIes. But I thought green cars were a thing of the 90s. That being said, I hope you all get a color you like soon.
  3. Firefly

    Would it be cheaper to reserve or just wait for it to be in the dealer lots?

    It is impossible to know unless you could negotiate price for both scenarios at the same time. Someone here will say stick with your reservation. Another will say wait. My only advice is once you make the choice of when and where to buy, enjoy your new Bronco and don't second guess if it could...
  4. Firefly

    First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    The fender flares are not different. It is called perspective distortion. Relative distance, camera settings and lens distort distance and size. If we took this photo once with a person standing next to the rear flare and again with the same person next to the front flare, that individual would...
  5. Firefly

    Hardtop Hoist ?

    Yeah, my left arm and my right arm.
  6. Firefly

    If the Bronco was more like a 78-79 Bronco.

    Actually, the 78 XLT had square headlights, too. I still have a 1978 Bronco brochure and owner's manual.
  7. Firefly

    Do donut doors have glass in them?

    Windowless doors. Flush handle is tucked under the upper rim of the "doughnut hole." Availability I do not know. There are pics in other threads.
  8. Firefly

    First Edition Bronco Will Have Navy Pier Interior Option Only

    Having the "luxury" interior of the Outer Banks AND an exclusive color, Navy Pier, makes it an "exclusive interior."
  9. Firefly

    Would you drop your order if a December(2022) model had better colors?

    "Bird in the hand", as they say. I've never seen a business owner or a salesman give up a sale for future sale. I guess it's possible. I just don't think it's probable.
  10. Firefly

    Would you drop your order if a December(2022) model had better colors?

    Wishful thinking. Ford would be stupid to announce new colors before all of these 2021 orders are delivered. They'll likely wait until 2023 model year for changes.
  11. Firefly

    Rear seats, how will you use them?

    There are rear seats? 😉
  12. Firefly

    BRONCO, merely infatuation or more...

    I am fortunate to fully live the life of the American West. I can't ride my horse to work every day, so I'll take a Ford Bronco.
  13. Firefly

    Ford employees get time with launch Broncos at Livonia and Van Dyke Transmission Plants

    Say it ain't so Joe. Actually Joe is correct. Unless wide flares, larger tires and taller suspension is being called something else by Ford theses days. The cyber orange is just a squatch+ to fit the 37s, but it is a squatch.
  14. Firefly

    Why buy a Badlands or Wildtrack if the Raptor Warthog is coming out

    The Bronco is finally back after a more than 2 decade absence. And it is Awesome! I can't wait any longer. If a future generation is even better then I'll wait a few years for a used one while I enjoy the hell out of this one.
  15. Firefly

    Ford Bronco 0% Financing?

    If they do I'll bet it will only be for 36 months
  16. Firefly

    Replacing the class II hitch

    Standard for a class 2 is 1-1/4, but I guess we'll see when we get B&P.
  17. Firefly

    Replacing the class II hitch

    I might consider it so it has the same 2" receiver my truck has instead of the 1-1/4.
  18. Firefly

    *Look away Dave Ramsey enthusiasts* -- Buying Bronco with cash out home refinance?

    Do yourself a favor and calculate the interested paid over the life of the loan. That number should be the only thing you need to talk yourself out of it.