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  1. Mattwings

    Outer Banks Bronco Thread

    I have never seen aftermarket tops that fit as well or seal as well as factory. They may exist, I just don't know who has made them or the cost.
  2. Mattwings

    Thinking of Switching to lower level Trim

    I agree and I don't expect the same interior sound levels as my 18 F150 (which is excellent BTW). I just know that at a certain point, if a vehicle is to loud or the wrong loud, it gets tiring. My LJ with 32" BFG MT was on the edge after a few hours, so the Bronco should be somewhat better...
  3. Mattwings

    Thinking of Switching to lower level Trim

    I really wish I could drive a BD and OBX. I am pretty sure the BD would be a great price vs. performance platform. It was what I reserved and after two months of running calculators, reading comments in here and reviewing all the Ford material 200 times what I have sort of come back to. I have...
  4. Mattwings

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I have done out of state transfers as well, it's not a big deal, but I use my little local credit union (if Ford isn't offering financing incentives) and although they are super easy to work with, they don't do a lot of out of state transactions. All things being equal, I buy American and local...
  5. Mattwings

    Production delay because of 2nd tier suppliers?

    I live in Detroit, so we got a lot of local news around the auto industry. I read the auto and business sections in the local "papers" and get a lot of feeds from other industry sources (all the same stuff available to anyone). There are definitely a lot of pressures on manufacturing right now...
  6. Mattwings

    2.3 vs. 2.7 ultimate pro/con list

    Both run chains.
  7. Mattwings

    Simple 2021 Bronco Build & Price Estimator Tool

    Ugh. Z Plan (estimated) and $15k down still equates to $750 a month for 60 months. Maybe BD instead of Badlands? Not that I didn’t already know the pricing, but I keep upgrading myself as I try and figure out the best price vs. performance configuration. 4dr Hardtop, rear locker, auto, mid...
  8. Mattwings

    Share your favorite business jargon

    I worked for a company that would not allow anyone to say “problem” or “challenge” . Everything was an opportunity. So a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis was an SOOO (strengths, opportunities, opportunities, opportunities) analysis.
  9. Mattwings

    Share your favorite business jargon

    We need to “Unpack This” 🤪
  10. Mattwings

    Bronco IWE?

    I have had a lot of vehicles with it, it is no more problematic than anything else on a modern vehicle from my experience and lot's of conversations/research/posts on this and other Forums.
  11. Mattwings

    PICS: BASE Bronco in Iconic Silver - completed preproduction model

    Anyone notice the color flop on the weird triangle quarter panel trim piece? In my experience, metallic does not lay the same on plastic parts and the different angle and shape alters the color perception of they eye at a minimum. It's a small thing, but it is hard to "un-see". I think I am down...
  12. Mattwings

    Michigan Bronco Club

    If anyone would like my salesman contact at Holzer in Farmington Hills, I can pass it along. I have no idea if they will match the out of state deals and he is new to me (my last guy passed way recently, bad deal). He was pretty up to date on the recent allocation and pricing discussions and...
  13. Mattwings

    MPG Difference Between the 2.3 and 2.7?

    I don’t have direct experience with the current 2.3l, but my actual, long term average with the 2.7l in my F150 Crew Cab 4x4 with 3.55 gears is just under 20. (19.6). I would say I drive somewhat aggressively (not by MI standards). Highway speeds average 78. I got 21.6 combined on my 400 mile...
  14. Mattwings

    Carpet vs Rubber floor

    Agreed. I have rubber mats over carpet in my F150 and never use/see the carpet. Seats? Cloth for me please.
  15. Mattwings

    A question on injection types. Cleanliness vs longevity

    That’s a helpful explanation. I love the idea of a lighter 2.3l in my Bronco, but my current and past 2.7l are just so good, I hesitate to make the switch. I have read a lot about the DI issues and that, my experience with the 2.7/10sp and the ultimate performance capacity the 2.7 has over the...
  16. Mattwings

    2.7 exhaust upgrades?

    No Offense to anyone who has a 2.3 Mustang, but driving home today from our cottage a newer tuner 2.3 Mustang went buy with a loud exhaust. First, it did not seem very fast (driving like an idiot), second, the sound was horrible. Loud, but horrible. I can’t see doing an exhaust on the Bronco 2.7...
  17. Mattwings

    Just as a bit of advice to everyone on here, don't bankrupt yourself trying to get a Bronco

    I paid off our 18 Explorer early, hope to put at least $15k down and it’s till probably $475 a month for 60 months. Hopefully I have more to put down and I almost always pay off early, but I get the longest term I can at the lowest rate, to preserve cash flow when times might be tight. I agree...
  18. Mattwings

    Oxford White Bronco Badlands (Completed Pre-Production Vehicles)

    I have gone from OBX to BB and now I am on the Badlands. Full time 4wd option, perfect stance, heavier front axle and A/T 33”. I think I will just go mid package and leave it at that. I can live without heated wheel, B&O, 360 cam and adaptive cruise 😩 Hopefully those horrible badlands badges...
  19. Mattwings

    Which colors will hide scratches best?

    I am wondering about silver. I know it’s metalic, but I have heard it doesn’t show dirt as easy. I have never had silver and usually go white, so others experience would be interesting to me.
  20. Mattwings

    Ford briefs dealers on Bronco reservations, allocations, ordering dates, build date estimates

    I think this is pretty typical. Don’t all auto manufactures base allocation on market location and prior sales? I know Toyota does and it is draconian. If a dealer isn’t performing, they don’t get the vehicles. I have read a lot about how Chevy allocate Corvettes, it’s even more strict. It’s a...