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  1. $2000 off Invoice on October Bronco Reservations at Granger Ford

    If we place a new reservation now, would we still convert to an order in December? Or would that process also be pushed back? I don’t mind waiting a bit - it’s better financially for me - and if I got to see there were different colors or options in 2022 that might be a motivating factor. If I...
  2. Would You Seriously Consider Green?

    I would 100% switch to any shade of green that was offered. I like several of the shades currently offered, but I would love green. I probably wouldn't pay extra but I would wait for it if it was late availability. Guard Green from the current colors For is using is fine, military flat green...
  3. Will big yellow with 2" lift / 37's fit in the garage?

    One of my good friends has a built rock crawling jeep with huge tires and bit lift. He installed an ATV winch underneath which compresses the suspension so he can get through the garage door, then once inside he can release it.
  4. First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    I always laugh when someone from San Antonio says they are in South Texas. I grew up near Corpus and we called that South Texas, but then the people from the valley would correct us. :)
  5. A motto for Mansquatch: Need your suggestions!

    Now that’s clever - well done!
  6. Bronco Build & Price date

    I love this place but it needs a healthy dose of “Lighten Up, Francis” these days. Good on Mike to dish it out for a change!
  7. Show of hands. Who’s going Mansquatch or not? Vote in poll

    I had been wanting to do that analysis. I'll really have to look at what you get for the $2500 on a stripped Black Diamond. I don't personally care about the vinyl seats. I might even prefer cloth. I like the better bumpers, bash plates, rails. My favorite wheels across the trims are the...
  8. Show of hands. Who’s going Mansquatch or not? Vote in poll

    Pretty sure I'm going to do it. I'll have to compare the final final prices from Build and Price to see which is the better value: BaseManSquatch vs. stripped down Black Diamond. For me the wait is actually better, even though it will be hard to see other Broncos driving around when I got my...
  9. Price Difference Comparison: 2021 Bronco Pricing For All Trims (2-Door vs 4-Door)

    I like the analysis, but I still think people are getting too worked up when pricing and options aren’t finalized. I love to do all the speculating and dreaming as well, just remember this is preliminary info and subject to change.
  10. Bronco Pickup Truck Renderings (Single and Crew Cab) - Yay or Nay?

    If they do it like a scrambler (i.e. all one tub with a bulkhead and half top) then hell yes. If it's separate bed like gladiator then it's gonna be a no for me, dawg.
  11. Bronco Build & Price date

    Maybe that's been their plan all along!
  12. What is the latest speculation on whether Ford will allow the MT with Squatch

    This is the emotional roller coaster I'm on. I feel like if BaseManSquatch is available this year then that's what I'll do. Otherwise it's probably a stock Black Diamond with no options (also manual). EDIT: and just like that the roller coaster goes up again...
  13. Connections for the rear wiper

    First post in this thread: It actually just says the wiring is included, they didn't specify windshield washer plumbing. I can confirm a friend bought a used hardtop jeep, and...
  14. Cactus Gray vs. Avalanche Gray?

    They definitely aren't the same now that we got the confirmation that Cactus Gray = Jet Fighter Gray. I still feel they are probably a little similar but not identical. I loved the Avalanche Gray when I saw it in person, and I like the pictures of Cactus Gray as well. It's so hard to decide!
  15. Connections for the rear wiper

    Ford has confirmed if you order a soft top from the factory it will have all the wiring, etc. to add a hard top after the fact. I think it was from one of the threads on the Colorado event.
  16. Ford Corrects Website – BASE 4 Door Bronco Does NOT Come Standard With Automatic Transmission

    I keep trying to tell people not to get too worked up about the info on the website one way or the other. This is all subject to change. We want the Build and Price ASAP but even that is not a guarantee on completeness and accuracy. The only thing that really matters is when you order. This...
  17. Does a Ford auto trans shift itself in manual mode

    I have been considering manual for the Bronco, so I have been playing around with the auto stick in my 2015 F150 and my son's JKU Wrangler. In the Wrangler it seems to act just like a manual and doesn't auto shift without your input. In the F150 I noticed it shifting some on its own in manual...
  18. Spotted: White 2021 Bronco with fender flares removed

    Cool! Black Diamond wheels and headlights. What bumper is that? I can’t tell if those are vinyl seats or not.
  19. Texas Overlanders

    Check out this route. This is the first thing I'm taking my Bronco on: Also check out "The Road Chose Me" on youtube. The guy drove a jeep from Alaska to Argentina with not much equipment. Then he built up a nicer jeep and...
  20. 4 Door Bronco Colors 3D Model Visualized

    GREAT job! This is the first picture or render I've seen that's made me consider white, but I really like it here. I'd like to see some of the other stock colors: Antimatter Blue, Iconic Silver, etc.