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  1. Hey19 has now hit 13,000 members 🍕🍍

    Thanks for that, but you left out pineapple v non-pineapple. ;) I look forward to the time when we have our Broncos and this turns into a forum of "look what I did to my Bronco today". Good tech stuff and travel posts. Member mods and such. It will be cool! Gotta hang in there!
  2. Hey19 has now hit 13,000 members 🍕🍍

    Congrats on the 13k, but TBH this place has turned into a dumpster fire lately. Tough going through pages of hurt feelings just to try to glean some useful information. I'm excited as the next person, but wow, to read disparaging remarks about those working to get this rolled out the best way...
  3. Hey19

    Black Steel Wheels on Completed Bronco Black Diamond

    I like the steelies. I actually like the silver painted ones better and I wish they were 17s
  4. Hey19

    Farewell fellow bronco buddies

    Any chance your reservation was made on the first day?? Just curious, not really important, just making conversation and stuff.....;) J/K Wish you the best!
  5. Hey19

    Removeable Roll Cage

    I have a feeling the roof structure attaches to that overhead bar.
  6. Hey19

    Simple 2021 Bronco Build & Price Estimator Tool

    Impressive! Something fun to mess around with for sure
  7. Hey19

    man-squatch delay

    I thought I had it all figured out, Basemansquatch in OJ White. Then I saw the Iconic Silver one, Then I saw the Rapid Red one, Then I saw the OJ white one again, Now I realize, I have nothing figured out...
  8. Hey19

    Removeable Roll Cage

    I think it would look awesome with a nice custom cage and I'm sure we will see some eventually.
  9. Hey19

    Options to limit pinstriping?

    Pinstripes are a badge of honor, wear them with pride!! I personally would be embarrassed to pull up next to trail hardened Jeeps and Tacos in my pristine Bronco.
  10. Hey19

    Oxford White Bronco Badlands (Completed Pre-Production Vehicles)

    Grille, tire size, headlights, 4doors, I don't care! That is one sweet looking truck!! :love:
  11. Hey19

    Goat modes, Manual transmission

    I'd assume the modes would change the complete engine performance map from fuel to ignition curves as well as cam timing based on selection. Steering, throttle, and traction control parameters would also be tweaked. That is some of the beauty of computer controlled systems, as long as they keep...
  12. Hey19

    Who wants to test drive a bronco before making their final decision

    While I’d like to sit in one and even test drive it, it won’t be deal breaker for me if I can’t. Having said that, I really don’t blame anyone walking away. It is a pretty big leap of faith.
  13. Hey19

    All Bronco Colors Painted Bodies Close Up Walkthrough

    I was all about OJ white but this and the factory thread got me liking Iconic Silver a bunch. Looks very rich.
  14. Hey19

    B6G should have a sub-forum for Buy, Sell, Trade

    Marketplace would definitely be good, I agree.
  15. Hey19

    Ford Stock

    Not something I know much about so I look forward to the discussion.
  16. Hey19

    Antimatter Blue real life look - on 2021 F-150

    That color is ridiculous!! I like it plenty, but plan on using my Bronco off road and need to go for a color that wont show "pinstripes" as easy.
  17. Hey19

    First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    Anyone else get a little excited watching the hard working folks learning to put these Broncos together? It's a process, and the process is making progress towards us parking one in the driveway!! Yay for that!
  18. Hey19

    Nitpicking due to frustration? More comfort and security features should be standard

    I’ve rented a car with all that stuff and I find it a distraction. I’m happy that I’m not required to put up with all the electronic nannies.
  19. Hey19

    First 2 finished pre-production 2021 Broncos - in Oxford White and Iconic Silver

    Good strategy, the problem is there is usually a constructive comment or two sprinkled in them as well. I like to read those. Ok I'm done complaining about complainers...