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  1. 5280Bronco

    Pro's/Con's of going with front and rear LSD!!

    Sorry... stupid question. You can't use a locker front or rear in regular driving sitiations due to the axles needing to spin at different speeds when turning right? So you essentially can only use them in a straight line on the street. That is where an lsd comes in and can be used on the...
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    Email from my dealer with insight into ordering.

    All i see is the details that show my reservation number. Where is the timestamp on my reservation page?
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    What problems do you have with your late model ford that you hope do not infect the new Bronco?

    2014 Fusion with a timing chain cover that is leaking at 70k. Fuel pressure regulator also likes to cause it to stumble at idle every once in a while. Already been replaced once.
  4. 5280Bronco

    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body

    That's exactly where I am at.
  5. 5280Bronco

    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body

    I think i found out what my struggle is about VB vs LB. LB seems like a great rich blue color to me, prefect for a truck. While VB reminds me of bright atlantic blue on the mustang which i absolutely love but my mind labels it a car color. I may need to get over it, but i just remembered...
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    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body too.
  7. 5280Bronco

    Lightning Blue Painted Bronco Body

    You and me both.
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    Rattle + Wind + Metal Box On Wheels Feeling

    I'll just have to agree with everyone else here. My wife and i do not come from the SUV or truck market and have never owned one, so i has some of the same worries. We turoed a JL sport hardtop to drive to buena vista to see the bronco and it settled our concerns. No, it isn't an explorer...
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    Pineapple Pizza Sticker!

    Ugh....i want one so bad. Just gonna keep trying.
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    Late reservation - Why Bother???

    I would think it still gives you some leverage, and would allow you to get the $2000 deal from a place like Granger. I've also special ordered my Mustang and Fusion and if i have the chance will not buy off a dealer lot unless it's some crazy deal, i get a close to what i want as possible.
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    All Bronco Colors Painted Bodies Close Up Walkthrough

    As far as i know, it's no longer late availability, so no.
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    Oxford White Bronco Badlands (Completed Pre-Production Vehicles)

    Yes, that has been the indication so far. This is just a frankenstein model like the rest of them so far.
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    Can Someone Explain Big Bend? (Not trolling)

    I want cloth seats, carpeted floors, manual and the mid package. No other way to do it besides going with BB. I'm stuck.
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    Outer Banks or Big Bend - Price difference

    As far as we know to this point, yes, you would have to go to Badlands to get the leather.
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    Outer Banks or Big Bend - Price difference

    We're in the same weird middle ground. We want the manual, but i want the extra sound deadening that the OB has, along with some stuff like the signature lighting and mirror caps. If we end up going 2.7L, then we'll get the OB and yank of the step rails and put sliders that someone wants to...
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    Anyone taught their wife to drive a Manual Trans?

    I taught my wife on my 02 Mustang GT before we were married. She bought her first car and insisted it had a manual even though she wasn't good at it yet based on my test drive. Now she doesn't want an auto in the bronco unless there are serious reasons why. If we got with a stick, all five...
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    Rear vents for A/C Air Conditioning in 4 Door Bronco Are Located Under Front Seats

    Ran across this article about the rear A/C vents, not much here, but at least wanted to share. Courtesy of fordauthority. Here’s Why The 2021 Ford Bronco Doesn’t Have Rear Seat Console A/C Vents Shortly after the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed in July, we noticed something in particular...
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    Up close pic of gauge cluster

    I know the mpg shown has been discussed previously, and consensus was that it was probably due to a combination of wheeling and a bunch of idling. That number has pretty much been scrapped as not something to use to determine true mpg. Too many unknowns.
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    Up close pic of gauge cluster

    This would be amazing. Unfortunately I'm not holding my breath.
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    Some answers on sound deadening option, upgraded radio, trail camera with winch

    I'm gonna have to compare a BB build like i had planned to an OB just due to this since it's going to be a daily driver. Depends on which motor/transmission combo we end up wanting too.