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  1. Reviewed Bronco paint samples book with inspection lamp - Photos & Video of Antimatter Blue, Cactus Gray, Cyber Orange, Rapid Red

    Preview of Cyber orange w/ white roof: I think we will just have to wait until the real metal hits the road. Race Red, Rapid Red, Oxford White and Velocity Blue are on some current 2020 models, and the 2021 Ranger will also get Cactus Grey. Job 1 on those is Dec. 7th so they should be arriving...
  2. Schedule shows Bronco production start (Job 1) expected in March 2021

    It means that is the estimated date assembly of the first vehicle is initiated, starting with placing the frame on the assembly line for a body on frame vehicle. An F-150 spends about 20 hours in the plant getting built; each one rolling off the line every 53 seconds
  3. Area 51 thread

    Cactus Grey has a slight bread mold green tint to my eye. FJ Grey I think might be a a satin finish
  4. Painted 2021 Bronco Body Frames Captured! Mystery / New Color Spotted

    They are being hand painted outside until the paint booth is finished.
  5. Sage Green / Military Green 6th Gen Bronco Imagined

    Or you could go over to the dark side this year... 2021 Rubicon Unlimited in Sarge Green
  6. Bronco Concept Design: What if it ended up like this?

    The OP's photo looks too GM-ish.
  7. White Soft Top!?

    Not gonna happen. Mustang now has only black tops available, and still no hardtop option. It used to be that you could get white, black, red or tan, and way back, blue. It's all about cost per unit installed. Customer choice costs profit in their minds. In North America the vast majority of...
  8. Best Look at Marine Grade Vinyl Seats and 4-Door Bronco Rear Seats Fold Down

    I wonder if the driver's seat is all the way back. Looking at the rear seat cushion, there isn't any leg room to speak of. I do like the Cactus Grey color
  9. Base Model Bronco Thread 🐎

    A lot of detail & upfitter shops can install aftermarket seat/seatback heaters using stock seats, cloth, leather or vinyl, without screwing up the load sensors for the airbags. Cheaper than jumping a couple of trim levels and option packages. Wait until the Broncos are closer to hitting the...
  10. 2021 Bronco easter eggs

    I just accepted the tradition as a child, but later in life I started wondering, what is the concept behind a rabbit depositing brightly colored hard boiled chicken eggs partially hidden in various places? And I also don't get the connection here: is the rabbit going to deposit vent louveres and...
  11. 2021 Bronco easter eggs

    The Trail Sights double as Pommel horse handles so you can do a handspring onto the hood to get stuff out of your roof rack carrier.
  12. No ADM Dealerships (No Price Markup For 2021 Bronco)

    New model intros with padded stickers are like strawberry season: it doesn't last long. Back when I was selling at an F-L-M store, we could command 1200 1988 dollars of Rust & Dust over sticker for the all-new '88 Lincoln Continental. The '89's were hundred over lot queens. A lot of those...
  13. Is anybody else praying their current vehicle lasts long enough for the Bronco to be available?

    The "new" 3.0LV6, 6 Spd AT. It's a different engine than my daughter's 2008 Mariner, which also has the 5 spd AT and no Sync. She has 155k on hers, and rocker panel & tailgate rust. It's been outside and rain washed only, since it rolled out of KC Assembly.
  14. Is anybody else praying their current vehicle lasts long enough for the Bronco to be available?

    I'm waiting until there is more info on the next generation Ranger, due fall 2022 as a 2023. I'm getting older now and it's time to haul my ADV bike to places rather than ride ~2000mi round trip, and then ride trails. Now I'm weighing the pros and cons of trailering vs pickup. a lightweight MC...
  15. Any ideas if the bronco will have issues when they first roll out?

    The Mustang has had problems with the 6-spd manuals. might be some teething problems with the Bronco 7-spds early on. Possibly some wonky recalls like most new vehicles have- incorrect seat belt mount torque, backup lights stay on, radio works only when doors are locked etc.
  16. So, what does "Several roof options" really mean?

    Roof panel options: front only on/off rear only on/off both on/off
  17. Bronco Reveal Expectations

    Bottom line: is Fighter Jet Grey and the 12' screen available on a 1st Edition or not?? That's all that matters.
  18. Bronco Reveal Expectations

    I think it will be heavy on gushing over the video game paint color names and all the infotainment and safety tech. They might show some cameo shots of roof off doors off, but I think anyone who plans to use a bronco for its intended mission has been following this forum and also the other off...