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  1. BroncoChicken

    Hypothetical situation for early deliveries

    My wife and I were having this conversation last night, so I decided to get your thoughts. Here’s the hypothetical situation. You have an early reservation and you are one of the first to get your Bronco. Sometime within the first month, you come out of work or a restaurant to a note on the...
  2. BroncoChicken

    Aftermarket cooled seats

    I’ve been thinking about cooled seats, they really are a great feature. I’m thinking about going Big Bend and getting Katzkin leather and Degreez for heat/cooling. The Degreez add-on is apparently only $500 or so. Has anyone ever added cooling to seats?
  3. BroncoChicken

    What vinyl wrap color for 2021 Bronco?

    Understandably, not everyone is getting the exterior color they want. My plan is to buy a neutral color and wrap the exterior. I don't know how often, if ever, I will take the doors off, but I would want the look to be somewhat coordinated. I'm thinking carbonized grey, then do a wrap that is...
  4. BroncoChicken

    Pics & Videos: Interior Dimensions (Can Sleep Inside), Accessory Mounts, Suspension, Sasquatch, Stubby Bumper

    Saw the test mules, here are my thoughts. Cactus grey is fantastic, goes from grey to tinted green to tinted light blue. I got a close up of the grey top so you can see the texture. Also, there are exterior accessory mounts on the mirror arms. Two had rock rails and the black one with the funky...
  5. BroncoChicken

    Exterior accessory mounts spotted on test mule

    When I found the test mules tonight, I noticed the exterior accessory mounts for the first time. These are on both mirror mounts Also a rock rail and the front of the roof rack.