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  1. BroAD

    Special Offer to DAV/DAVA Members: $1,000 Bonus Cash + X-Plan Pricing

    Good Morning Everyone, I am a proud member of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization and today they shared an offer from Ford that I wanted to share with the group: register your DAV account today to receive your Special $1,000 Bonus Cash Offer and X-Plan Partner Pricing towards the...
  2. BroAD

    Vote on top questions for Ford Bronco Ride Along Event

    Hi Everyone, I have volunteered to take point on gathering questions for our Bronco6g forum attendee at this week's Bronco ride along event. Due to the overwhelming amount of questions from our community, I have created a poll for everyone to vote on to ensure our most popular questions are...
  3. BroAD

    Ford's Answers to Bronco Questions Submissions (Q&A)

    Update 1:59PM Pacific - It appears the Q&A has now concluded. As a group, Bronco6g asked @Ford about 100 questions and responded to about five. The other questions below were asked by other users, some of which may be Bronco6g forum members. * since all the questions & answers are below, I will...
  4. BroAD

    Ford wants your Bronco questions - Post it here

    Do you have a #FordBronco 2-Door, 4-Door or Sport question? Reply to this tweet with your questions and we’ll have our Bronco team answer as many as possible today starting at 3:30 PM EDT, 31 July 2020. HAVE A QUESTION but DON'T HAVE TWITTER?, post @BroAD your question in this thread and I...
  5. BroAD

    Bronco $100 Reservation preparation (owners site account creation)

    Hey Everyone... I just wanted to share with the Bronco6g community my belief as to how to streamline reservations tonight for to minimize distractions and get even higher on the list. Go to > And create your account. Go to > Owner > Account > My...
  6. BroAD

    Have you received your Bronco e-vite and stickers?

    Guess who just got his e-vite with promotional material from Ford...