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  1. What Chipset(s) will the Bronco use and who makes them

    The PCM chips are the main issue for Ford in the lines shutdown. The Bronco/Ranger does not have a PCM chip issue.
  2. Michigan Assembly Plant - Two Week Shutdown (May 17 and 24)

    Yes, they have hit those targets for this week. Many have been on display in front of MAP and shown on here. The question is what facility are the current tops coming from and how sustainable is that....
  3. Michigan Assembly Plant - Two Week Shutdown (May 17 and 24)

    They are already doing that. 30% of converted orders are not soft top, but 30% of what they can build for a while has to be soft top. These are very low build numbers, so shows you what kind of mess the hard top is right now. I cant say more than that.
  4. Michigan Assembly Plant - Two Week Shutdown (May 17 and 24)

    I heard about the shutdown April 22nd and was pretty fresh at that time. I'm too lazy to look it up but I believe the build emails started the week before. I know they are doing everything they can to build every vehicle they can, but the supplier situation is really bad, especially the tops...
  5. Michigan Assembly Plant - Two Week Shutdown (May 17 and 24)

    I know what the announcement says about chips, but the MAP shutdown has more to do with Ranger sales/2 shifts, and Bronco tops than chips.
  6. Ford now competing against itself

    Not sure how you draw the conclusion it is competing against the Sport. Explorer is larger than a Bronco, and WAY larger than a Sport.
  7. 5/6 (thursday) emails official what should we expect

    Totally agree and passed that on long ago.
  8. 5/6 (thursday) emails official what should we expect

    Heard this morning from a reliable source, they will not start the next round of scheduling until WBDO is cleaned up, too many unbuildable orders. There is currently a deadline to get this cleaned up by next week, but could always be extended. Sounds like alot of later reservations are sitting...
  9. Video tour of 8 inch screen

    Doh, that’s why I’ve never seen how the camera views look on the small screen. Thanks.
  10. Video tour of 8 inch screen

    Where’s the camera views.
  11. First Edition Reservations - Is this our week?

    Nope not for FE. They are allocated first week of the cycle before any other trim, other trims get the leftovers. Only question is how many will each dealer get in the next cycle, and when will that cycle start.
  12. Report: 2021 Bronco production not expected to be affected by chip shortage. And "Deadly 6" are now the "Deadly 4"

    They would send every available chip to the Fseries if they could. If it was as easy as taking chips from another line, F-Series would be running at full speed. Make no mistake, F series is king and would be the top priority. Fun fact, Ford doesn’t manufacture the electronic components that...
  13. Thoughts on B&O vs Stock Stereo / Audio after Bronco event

    Totally agree. The old Sony systems were WAY better than these B&O. After hearing the B&O in the wife’s F150, I had low expectations for the Bronco which unfortunately held true. I have not heard a base unit, but I can’t imagine anyone getting Lux only for the lackluster B&O system.
  14. Rear seat recline angle photos (vs unreclined)

    Ha, I thought you were a little less fanboi than most around here. I will always call it how I see it. Once people actually spend some real world time in these things without the excitement of seeing one for the first time, there will be more complaints on various things. Noting is perfect...
  15. Decals on the Rapid Red Bronco First Edition + 2 door Wildtrak at MAP

    Everything you can touch on the dash is 100% plastic.
  16. Rear seat recline angle photos (vs unreclined)

    The back seats are a huge fail. They have a very upright position to begin with, and the “recline” is comical. Airplane seats recline more than these. Then add on the strange stadium seating thing going on, very awkward cramped second row.
  17. Did Ford cut corners on the paint job on these demos? **pics included**

    Every Bronco and picture of a Bronco I have seen has poor coverage in that area. Like they forgot it’s visible when the doors are off.
  18. Decals on the Rapid Red Bronco First Edition + 2 door Wildtrak at MAP

    Sorry buddy but the bronco dash is 100% hard plastic. Zero metal.