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  1. Cloth vs leather seats

  2. Stop The Hate

    That doesn't mean you can't be kind to the people caught in the middle of it. You're mis-placing your anger.
  3. Stop The Hate

    I didn't even read the other thread other than to note it was shutting down for 2 weeks. OK. Now what? Uh, yeah, we're not in control of anything. Anything!! So sad that some folks get so riled up over things they cannot control. Sorry for any trouble we've caused, and please forgive the...
  4. Michigan Assembly Plant - Two Week Shutdown (May 17 and 24)

    The ones for last Nov, you mean? lol
  5. Lease vs. Purchase?

    Good to know. Been a while since I had one myself, so that's good to know. You have an out, then.
  6. Lease vs. Purchase?

    Won't matter. Let's supposed worst case: It's a piece of crap. Guess what? When you go to hand it back with the keys, it won't make the residual value!!!! You pay either way.
  7. Lease vs. Purchase?

    The Sport? LOL.....people are castigating here until they can't afford the And when they put a soft top on that thing....................hmmmmmmmm.
  8. Lease vs. Purchase?

    Well put. And leasing puts you into slavery. Best is to begin finding a way to buy and hold, pay off, begin a vehicle replacement fund so that over time, you can pay cash or nearly so. Freedom! (Unless Ford offers 2% or better financing, in which case, I'll keep my money and use theirs.)
  9. Rear View Mirror with Display

    Yeah, I know....I was kinda kidding. But many vehicles have no rear view at all and they get along just fine. It's much like all the folks freaking out about ordering a soft top but NOT getting gasp, a rear window washer and a 6" wiper. Really.
  10. Rear View Mirror with Display

    What do you want to see back there so badly? lol Vans, Semi's, can do. Unless you have a camera. Look out the windshield, that's where you're going.
  11. Lease vs. Purchase?

    Another dead and beaten horse. I'm not even reading the posts. I'm a biz accountant and tax guy. Others will disagree, but let me explain this clearly: leasing does NOT release you from liabilities. Leasing DOES factor in some rather pawn shop interest rates in the internal computations, so...
  12. Will dropping the Trailer tow pkg get my Bronco built sooner?

    You're playing roulette. You've no idea what the next thing will be. You have no control. None. Order what you want, relax, wait. It'll come.
  13. What is the damn box?

    Let's confirm it for you. It's for the lane-keeping for sure. I don't know what else it's used for, but most vehicles now use two cameras, one in the mirror and one down on the grill. See under: why you can't mount a front plate there.
  14. Tow Package contents / components?

    Then good luck with that.
  15. Tow Package contents / components?

    It's much more than a mere hitch.
  16. Tow Package contents / components?

    The big unknown is the wiring and how it works.
  17. Trying to be cool

    The official search one reminds me of OJ swearing that he'd search until he found the culprit. Next morning while shaving, oh. Ok, then. LOL.
  18. Traditional Tailgate Kit

    And then, what about the rear camera? Will the wires run thru the swing out tire carrier? I really dig this option for not unreasonable money.
  19. Trying to be cool

    It's a cult. Leave them alone. They can't handle the truth.
  20. This is my first forum

    The Search button up there is our friend! Use it well....