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  1. Lease vs. Purchase?

    I use this same rule of thumb. Excellent advice. Very quick way to determine if a lease is a good deal. I once leased a Jeep JK with this formula and then when it was time to return the Jeep I was upside right because the Jeep resale values were so good. So I had about 8K of equity for a new Jeep.
  2. Black 2 door bronco thread

  3. Carbonized Gray Big Bend (non squatch) in the neighborhood.

    I was carb gray but also switched to shadow black. Too many different shades of gray, gloss and black also shiny and matte finishes..... I am not sure the MIC top looks that good with carb gray.
  4. Future Bronco Purchase Regrets

    For people truly unsure, they should go test drive a Jeep and know Ford has improved most things and it is slightly bigger. But very similar with noise and ride (especially on smooth roads). @North7: I saw this same regret on the Jeep forums with a wave a new people bought the JL redesign in...
  5. 3rd time’s a charm? 4/29 emails....who’s ready?

    If your dealer has filled all of their allocations for the month like most have likely done already, there are going to be very few clean-up orders. Maybe if someone cancels their scheduled build, etc. or some other odd situation.
  6. 2 Door Wildtrak Bronco in Shadow Black at my Dealer Today

    I like this all blacked out look. It looks very mean. The roof rack looks really good on the 2DR. Ford did a great job with the exterior styling of the Bronco. I ordered black 2DR BL with optional wheels. Seeing this with the carb gray MIC top, I think it will look very good with the carb gray...
  7. 33" BFG KO2 vs Goodyear MT 33" vs Goodyear MT 35" -- tire weight & specs

    I had same experience with Duratraks vs KO2s. Prefer the KO2s. They are quieter and still look aggressive. I have also had KM2s and Nittos. KM2s get very loud after about 15k miles. Better off road but really bad in rain/snow on road. Nittos were nice but prefer KO2s to all the others I have had...
  8. Northern Illinois

    Great. Do you know what time tomorrow? The website doesn't show times anymore.
  9. Northern Illinois

    Anyone know what time they are showing tomorrow (Sunday) at Villa Park/Oakbrook? I have a sticker from Thursday and want to go back. I didn't have a lot of time before.
  10. More photos from Super Celebration East - Thursday, April 22nd

    Thanks for all the pics! MIC top looks black here
  11. 360 video: Race Red Badlands Sasquatch with new brush guard / bull bar at @ MAP

    I might have ordered Red but with the 2 door you have the exterior color on the inside door. I am getting BL so too much red and orange. Ford should have let us match interior trim with exterior color.....maybe in the future.
  12. 360 video: Race Red Badlands Sasquatch with new brush guard / bull bar at @ MAP

    Nice Bronco. I also like how the MIC top matches the grille.
  13. Northern Illinois

    I am guessing these are the Bronco's showing up tomorrow: If correct, I am glad to see a Badlands with optional wheels but unfortunately no MGV. Also can compare 33s vs 35s. Wish they...
  14. Shadow Black Badlands Sasquatch with heavy duty modular bumper end caps removed

    I agree. The GC grill looks great with shadow black. Plus with CG optional wheels on BL and MIC or MOD top will look great. Bottom photo is Sas but I don't have Pic of black 2D with MIC.
  15. Race Red 2 Door Badlands with MIC top

    One more.....
  16. Race Red 2 Door Badlands with MIC top

    Saw these on FB:
  17. Bronco vs. Wrangler Overlay Picture

    This is great. Can you do just 2d jeep and bronco with the spare tire lined up just to get another perspective? Thanks.
  18. Can we just talk about these new pics if the Mic Top?

    Not sure if this has been posted yet
  19. Those of us who are email-less so far...stay calm.

    Thanks for writing all this up.....but what does he mean by preview?
  20. Day 1 Reservation Holder Poll - Did you receive a build date?

    7/13, 10 minutes after opened. 2D BL. No email.