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  1. TEXAS Bronco Showings, Demos and Events [add your findings to first post!]

    Hmm, my office is in Plano "near" 121. LMK if you need me to swing by, I can be made available to inspect the Broncos, detail the Broncos, drive the Broncos, or help with anything else that is hands-on and ends in Broncos.
  2. 5/6 (thursday) emails official what should we expect

    Can somebody explain what exactly "clean-up week" means? @Bronco wannabe
  3. Do I still have time to switch?

    Yes, but Ford had stayed that reservations converted after 3/19 would not be eligible for the first quarter of builds. As far as changing already converted orders, unless there was a policy change this past week, orders can be modified up until a VIN is assigned (I changed to a manual 2 weeks...
  4. Dealer installed?

    The mounting points on the front windshield will be there regardless if you order the roof rack or not. These mounting points are also made for light bars, etc and part of the highly touted modularity of the Bronco. The rear part of the roof rack mounts via a clamp and so far all of the MIC...
  5. Ford Dealers May Not Have New Inventory Until August

    Looks like it may finally be the time to thin out the herd and put my Jeep and F250 up for sale...
  6. TEXAS Bronco Showings, Demos and Events [add your findings to first post!]

    If you guys need a new site for Thursday the 6th you are welcome to come to my house. I will have the wife bake some cookies.
  7. Her Bronco Sport

    BL Sport has paddle shifters. Not a true manual but cool none the less.
  8. Who gets the Build Estimate from Ford in May?

    Also saw you opted for the soft top. The combination you posted seems to be the magic build for the second round of build scheduling. I too have the exact same build spec'd on a "later" reservation and my day1 res/build got passed over and the later one pulled and scheduled. And I didn't...
  9. What Information Should My Salseman be Able to tell Me about the Status of My Build at This Point?

    When did you make your reservation for your Bronco (not place your order)? Once upon a time, Ford said they were going to build Broncos by reservation timestamp order, however, commodity restraints have caused that to go out the window. Still, it should give us an idea if you have a chance at...
  10. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    For the same reasons you do the things you like to do? Joy and a sense of accomplishment.
  11. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    Here is a top off pic for you. I am really going to hate selling our Jeep and the wife already said we can't sell it locally as she will die inside if she see's it out and about.
  12. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    I think you misunderstood OP. He is warning people that the Bronco is more so like a Jeep (albeit, better in about every category) than a luxury and/or large SUV and to gauge their expectations accordingly. There have been a rash of posts on here lately where people have been shocked...
  13. TEXAS Bronco Showings, Demos and Events [add your findings to first post!]

    I had a call in to the Bridgeport OHV and just got a call back a few minutes ago. There is a parking lot on the right handside before the gate house and those only there to see the Bronco can park and walk over without being required to pay an entrance fee.
  14. Abbreviations

    SAS = Solid Axle Swap
  15. TEXAS Bronco Showings, Demos and Events [add your findings to first post!]

    @Raptor22 can you provide any insight on what models/colors will at a what events, or will it just be the same 2 Broncos rotated around North Texas? Also, let me know who I need to payoff to get a ride in Bronco. I plan on attending the OHV event as I regularly wheel my Jeep there.
  16. Are you telling dealer no stickers on your Bronco?

    Our partnered dealership stopped putting stickers/badges on their vehicles years ago as well so no special request needed. Instead, you get a rear license plate frame with their name on it.
  17. TEXAS Bronco Showings, Demos and Events [add your findings to first post!]

    Any insight on why the North TX events are all at random locations? Haven't most of the other viewings across the country been at dealership events (excluding Moab and Super Cel, of course)?
  18. TEXAS Bronco Showings, Demos and Events [add your findings to first post!]

    @TX6GBronco any idea if we have to register for these events?
  19. Sexier Wheels and Tires for my non-Sas OBX?

    There should be plenty of Squatch take-offs available by the end of the year if you really like those. Or, I would suggest maybe partnering up with a BL owner that is definitely going aftermarket and have them purchase the optional BL wheels for you, however, trying to coordinate that with the...