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  1. Foam Bronco for the Kids

    I want one
  2. The Bike Thread

    i have a 21 marin san quentin 2 (how i found it in stock idk) with an mrp ribbon coil set at 150. its super fun
  3. Scale R/C

    i have a 1/10 slash 2wd that i'm building up. reckon it will go 50+ when i'm done. the first couple of passes the tires rpm was so high they came un glued from the rim 😅.there will be pics
  4. Rock on !!!

    oh nice finally got the barf emoji added to reactions. thx doug!
  5. Rock on !!!

    annnd i just got the point of your post.... feelin a bit blonde today
  6. Rock on !!!

    yeah someone might get offended👀
  7. Rock on !!!

    hmm yeah lol. there was too much freedom and the phone crashed so i had to get a new one... i would do an emoji of a American flag but they's gone i don't curl lol
  8. Rock on !!!

    im workin on it lol
  9. Pineapple ? Pizza ? Explained (Pineapple 101)

    pineapple pizza is still gross
  10. Rock on !!!

    oh boy.... how do i change my username again:oops:
  11. Rock on !!!

    i figured for sure this thread would be locked by now. i was actually doing freedom things and wasting my money on mtb and rc cars
  12. Rock on !!!

    oh damn i ain't been on here for a while... i was busy breaking things and being offended
  13. Bronco makes cover of Griots Garage handbook

    well at least they ain't sweaty lol
  14. Granger Ford - Questions on Bronco ordering and other FAQ's

    that's the down payment. you can choose how much you want this to be
  15. Happy Veterans Day ??

    wrong thread? oh i saw your edit..
  16. Granger Ford - Questions on Bronco ordering and other FAQ's

    body color hardtop is probably gloss. mic is prefaded
  17. Area 51 and MGV (Marine Grade Vinyl) Seats

    it's flat as a piece of paper but still glossy. doesn't change like cactus grey does
  18. New KMC Wheels dropped today! Roswells

    these wheels look so DAMN good. and that name, abrams? i've heard that before...
  19. The stupid questions thread

    it's something called a search button but most people don't know how to use it, it seems
  20. Custom painted calipers w/ SAS package?

    bronco be like