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  1. 📐 New 2021 Bronco measurements per your requests

    If that is the case, I would like to see the aftermarket offer an inside rack to mount two bike frames in - similar to what is offered for the Bronco Sport. :)
  2. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    The perfect combo for fun - 2 doors and a manual :love:
  3. Engine Cover?

    I think that the Bronco engine is beautiful as is and left uncovered - to cover it up with an engine cover would be like covering up a woman's bosom with a bra. :giggle:
  4. Revisiting the "High Level Instrument Panel" Mystery [Update: There Is No Such Thing]

    At first I thought ASMR was the AIS or "Ass In Seat" test, but when I looked it up I found this: ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a pleasant physical or emotional feeling (not based in science) triggered most often by soft sounds such as vocal fry, rustling leaves, crinkling...
  5. B6G Giveaway: STIG PATCHES!

    On top of tool bag - since they are hook and loop velcro If they were a sticker - then right above left taillight
  6. Columbus OH (Ricart) 2021 Bronco Roadshow - 4/10

    Your dealer is correct. Both are 4-doors - Cactus Gray First Edition and Area 51 Badlands with the manual. When they leave Pittsburgh they go to Columbus. I was at the Pgh event today. Enjoy!
  7. Where are the 2-doors???

    I just returned from the event in Pgh and the one local dealer attending told me he is getting a 2-door in for dealer stock around May 8. He also said that it will probably be sold by then.
  8. Where are you from? What are you going to do with your Bronco?

    I'm from Pittsburgh. When I get my Bronco I plan on taking it to the closest Mall and finding the highest curb and then try out the Mall Crawler gear.
  9. I'm driving my dealer crazy!

    "Manual is more fun but what about resell value?" The only reason I am even considering the Bronco is because it does offer the manual - so I may be biased here. But isn't the main reason you are buying the Bronco is to have fun - not to make money on it or to save money on it when you sell...
  10. Base Model Rear Locking Differential

    Rocketeer Rick Thank you for the explanation - I did not realize they were one and the same. Makes sense to me now.
  11. Base Model Rear Locking Differential

    Where would I find it stated under the Bronco standard features that Brake Lock Differential is standard for all Broncos - or in my case for the Big Bend? Since I do not plan on off-roading I am not considering the rear locker option - especially if the Big Bend has the Brake Lock Differential...
  12. Unreal video of Vaughn Gittin driving to edge of world in the Bronco

    The real challenge would be with the 7-speed manual - may appreciate then the hill-hold assist. 😬
  13. A note to the 4-door brigade: We get it already!!!!!

    OK - as long as that is not a photo of the dog ;)
  14. Dealership appearance schedule and registering - find your local dealer [add your findings to first post!]

    Thanks for the post Broncolli. I just signed up for the Pittsburgh event on April 7.:)
  15. How many "Unhappy Color Surprises" can Ford dealers expect?

    I would suggest the same. I stopped by my local Ford dealer last night right before closing and looked at a Bronco Sport in CG - and it was a light clay grey. The salesman told me that I need to stop buy again when the sunlight is shining on it - and it will be a light green.
  16. How big is the 4dr Bronco Butt really?

    Same question for the 2DR - if a mountain bike will fit in with the front wheel off :unsure:
  17. 2-door storage area pic (seats up + tailgate closed) has me reconsidering

    Can you fit a mountain bike in there if front wheel is taken off?
  18. Squatch Trim Nicknames

    Of course, the Bend And Squatch needs a song to go with it - to be sung only during periods of heavy drinking:
  19. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Can't go wrong with either of those two colors - the MIC roof will look nice with both.