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  1. What is the damn box?

    I think you have that backwards, bud. People talking out of their asses and providing answers that are complete assumptions is the issue. If there's no manual or source of information out there, it's all good, we wait longer. No one is demanding anything.
  2. What is the damn box?

    All I'm saying is, where is the documentation with details about the box? While I appreciate some-guy-on-the-internet's-option as the go-to source for all things factual, I would be interested in seeing manufacturers documentation about the box and how it may differ per trim.
  3. Report: 2021 Bronco production not expected to be affected by chip shortage. And "Deadly 6" are now the "Deadly 4"

    All hard tops now? Lol, 'we can maybe get you a Bronco this year but it ain't gonna have roof' 🤦‍♂️
  4. Aux Switches

    Marking one switch bright red and connecting it to an awful sounding alarm on a timer that remains on when the switch is reversed.
  5. Newest Accessories Catalog For 2021 Bronco

    Mall crawlers is where the money is I guess. Someone just needs to make a camera relocation kit.
  6. We Are Fifteen52 Wheels

    Even if on a 4runner or something. It'd be good to see them out in a real environment, different lighting conditions, combo with different vehicle paints, etc. Thanks!
  7. 33" BFG KO2 vs Goodyear MT 33" vs Goodyear MT 35" -- tire weight & specs

    LOL what a ridiculous, misleading ad. If anything this makes me want to avoid KO2s out of principal.
  8. Anyone going 40 inch tires?

    40s+ are too much. It looks bad and starts becoming way too impractical. If it's a crazy built out crawler rig that's fine but honestly if it's a daily driver it's pretty dorky. 37 is the sweet spot.
  9. Metro Atlanta

    I just checked out the ones on the California circuit, which have been through the RINGER. They were totally fine. At worst there were little fuzzies from the towels on the window trim. The surfaces all looked fresh off the line.
  10. Anyone know where to get a custom beaded seat cover?

    I'm talking Florida Grandpa, NY cab driver, wooden ass seat cover beads. I'm probably the only one on this forum that wants this but I figured it's worth a shot. There are some options on amazon and other junk stores but I was hoping that somewhere out there these are still made with some...
  11. We Are Fifteen52 Wheels

    @fifteen52 Will you guys have some photography of the white wheels up soon?
  12. Gene Dios

    Bay Area Broncos

    Who went to Livermore today? I wish they had a Sasquatch /badlands but I was able to see most of what I wanted to. My major takeaway was that it's exactly what I thought it was.
  13. Gene Dios

    Bay Area Broncos

    @northshoreboarder Gotcha, thanks
  14. Gene Dios

    Bay Area Broncos

    Looks like you're 10 feet away in each photo and they're roped off. Can you not interact with them?
  15. Gene Dios

    Bay Area Broncos

    @Daktari Tacoma video is only a few months old. It's pretty basic but it seems good enough to flex out and just enjoy your bronco until there's a weekend getaway opportunity. My reservation is with Livermore Ford so I intend to drive directly to this place to play around a little. Test the...
  16. Gene Dios

    Bay Area Broncos

    There are a few YouTube vids where you can see a bit of it.
  17. Ford Bronco rep further confirms bull bar / brush guard will be redesigned for production

    You freaking cave men that can't remember what brand is stamped on the grill. Look what you've done. Meanwhile no one complains that the camera isn't compatible with a winch. Mall crawlers, the lot of you.
  18. Serramonte Ford Bronco Specialist to Answer Your Bronco and Ford Questions

    Fuck. Those two suck. Does the BD have MGV seats? Maybe I can at least see that as well as see the cactus grey in person.
  19. Spotted: Cyber Orange Wildtrak Bronco 2-Door on Highway w/ Front License Bracket Mounted

    Just here to say props to @RockEye for owning a phone that records good video and has image stabilization, great camera work while on the highway, not a caveman and knows how to put 1080p60 on the internet, and most importantly, understands to turn the camera to landscape.
  20. 📷 The Broncos @ Moab (Added pics)

    The reason Sasquatch components are a commodity concern is that theyre using it all up for demo /review units 🤔