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  1. My Bronco production date is delayed from 6/14 to 7/5 build week

    It seems to me that they would, if they knew when they would start up again. They cannot risk telling someone they already notified about a June date (the dealer is different, it is updated in the system that we mushrooms do not see) that they are delayed three weeks unless they know it will...
  2. Personality, Cars, and the Bronco

    First post links to a phishing survey, seems legit, sign me up! (One born every minute...)
  3. Stop The Hate

    While the forum has gone waaay downhill as far as civility and helpfulness since Pineapple Pizza Pictures started up (not saying correlation is causation, but I am also not not saying it. Pizza ceases to be pizza when tropical fruit is smeared on it, it is an axiom), but I have not seen one...
  4. Hypothetical situation for early deliveries

    any hypothetical price would be less than the local ADM, not withstanding any premium for something that is severely restricted, i.e. WildTrak. At least in my State, 7% sales tax would jump my break even point to $54K. I would need 20% for my aggravation or $64K and change. The new buyer...
  5. Rapid Red vs Velocity Blue

    There, I fixed the title for you. You are welcome!
  6. New Ford Explorer Timberline.

    they lost me at the 2.3 being the only available engine.
  7. Resale and Mark up market

    People have different time values. They believe it is well worth it to have what they want now. Perhaps a Bronco is not six months of salary for them, but a month. While I am sure you believe in the George Carlin model "Ever notice how anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot and anyone...
  8. Do I still have time to switch?

    This would be extremely disturbing if it is indeed the case. (not doubting Ford told Pviggy exactly what was reported, they are not always.... consistent with information is all). My order is unchanged since before the 19th, so I have no dog in this fight. Having said that, my guess is that it...
  9. Delivery Estimate Poll

    Poll closes in June about a May date...I predict a shockingly high number of correct guesses!
  10. Can we cut Ford some slack?

    I think it is more a lack of communication from Ford that people are frustrated over. Seriously though...please explain in detail your theory that (chips, hard top shortages, COVID) prevent Ford from informing the reservation holders, you know...communication, of changes or updates in promised...
  11. First Week of May Notices (estimated build date) being sent this week?

    Yes, it is 100% true that you read it, however Ford never said any such thing. Late May was stated by Ford for delivery estimates (all orders placed on or before 3/19/21), subtract six or seven weeks to get your approximate build date.
  12. 2022 Nissan 400Z Spotted on Public Streets!

    I see a lot more 200sx than 240z in it. Hard Pass.
  13. 4rd Black diamond (No-squach) in Rapid red.

    Yep, the standard lighting layout looks a lot better than the goofy smashed together 'upgrade'. Everyone knows it, just afraid to disagree publically as it is labeled as an upgrade. Now if they just painted that grill white or silver... perfection!
  14. Can you make changes to your build, once the VIN & build date have been generated?

    To be extra clear, your converted reservation is used up once the order goes in. Once the VIN is generated, no more changes, you don't take that truck, you start completely over at the end of the line with another $100 reservation.
  15. 3rd time’s a charm? 4/29 emails....who’s ready?

    back, somewhat, on topic... I expect those that got build dates for two months from now, are just figuring out that means about 4 months until they actually get a vehicle (if all goes well). The days must drag out far longer than for those of us who have no build date. Any delay is going to...
  16. MPG of 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch - watch the fuel economy changes during driving

    Plus we have no idea if there is a 20 headwind, tailwind, going uphill or downhill, this 'information' is about useful as tits on a boar. Gives a general idea, maybe, plus or minus a few MPG, or not. The only reason people are latching onto it is because it is a reasonable number for what is...
  17. Ford Forced My Hand

    I don't mind the staring, it is the laughing and pointing that get to me.
  18. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    Do not forget, one of the many, so far unrealized, promises Ford made was that the interior accents would all have a neutral option. Maybe by 2023 they will finally do what they promised for 2021?
  19. MPG of 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch - watch the fuel economy changes during driving

    About as expected (the slightly higher than predicted is offset by the likely 10% or so optimistic computer estimate.) I would expect it to get a real world 19 on the highway if you keep the speed below 70.