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  1. Video tour of 8 inch screen

    Why was the equalizer maxed out -.-
  2. MPG of 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch - watch the fuel economy changes during driving

    My fiesta st computer has been very accurate over the last 72k. I would say within 0.5 mpg
  3. MPG of 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch - watch the fuel economy changes during driving

    Looks like tires are aired down. So I doubt it's been on paved roads all day...
  4. Future Bronco Updates?

    If anything the manual options are going to shrink over time, not expand. It's insane they are actually going to make a mansquatch. After that I expect they kill it and pretty much just let the manual stagnate on a few limited trims.
  5. Future Bronco Updates?

    I could see a 3.0tt warthog. Eventually the 2.7 will probably get a bump to 325 or 335hp. The 2.3 may get a 5hp bump. Maybe they could eventually make a new variant with different suspension and a higher towing capacity, but I doubt it. They make rangers for that.
  6. Geo-cab Camper

    Yeah a camper made for only one model of vehicle is going to be crazy expensive.
  7. In Depth Review 4 door @ Chapman

    Even the bronco staff pointed it out to me and called it green.
  8. In Depth Review 4 door @ Chapman

    I was there and the ranger in cactus grey next to it was VERY green
  9. Holman Ford and shifting the 7mt

    There's no way that touching the controls with the engine off and stationary would sway anyone's decision
  10. Lightning safety in non-metal-roof vehicles like Bronco?

    The tiny sheet metal of a car roof makes no difference to lightning.
  11. Who would buy the Jimny if it was available in the US?

    I got to drive one on a rural greek island. It was amazing. So underpowered but with 4lo you could go up the big hills.
  12. Best Practice 5 Tire Rotation?

    It's actually LESS work to rotate all 5. You can just use a single jack and move the tires around, instead of having to raise multiple corners up at the same time.
  13. Best Practice 5 Tire Rotation?

    Even if you just rotate your four, they aren't going to be worn the exact same...
  14. Windows without Doors!

    Saturn sc2, GTO, miata (would if I had power windows...but my cranks are on the door), and now bronco. Only one car I've owned (fiesta st) had power windows on the doors.
  15. Is the Bronco already obsolete ?

    You just explained why hydrogen is worse than bev - IN SOME CASES. To power a hydrogen car you use electricity to extract the hydrogen. Then you later convert that hydrogen back to electricity. It would be more efficient to delete that step, with the caveat that you need to consider the storage...
  16. Is the Bronco already obsolete ?

    Electric vehicles can "work" without being 100% of the vehicles on the road. I Hydrogen kinda sucks. All of the negatives of gasoline, and all of the negatives of electric vehicles combined. Hard to store. Hard to distribute.