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  1. Ordering for MY 2023

    Even in the best of times, ordering a vehicle to arrive in a particular month can be a challenge. Given the state of our world, this particular's vehicles popularity, and the impeding recession/depression I think you would be better off choosing another vehicle. Even if you make a reservation...
  2. Trying to be cool

    Exactly Ford imitated Jeep and International in '65 and they did it again in '21. We all win.
  3. Let's talk coolers

    I would also suggest you check into the world of cooler/fridge/freezer 12 volt units that are available today. Many different units out there at all price points. There is even a nice looking ARB unit in the Bronco catalog. Once you get used to the cold storage, it is one of those things you...
  4. Acceptable # of KMs / Miles at delivery on a New Vehicle?

    I think it has to do with the limited number of topics of our chosen subject.
  5. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    I change my vote. The real reason is to practice staying on residual boulders for when the graboids come out.
  6. What Information Should My Salseman be Able to tell Me about the Status of My Build at This Point?

    At this point the salesman cannot tell you anything, he does not know. In fact, I'm sure Ford does not know. You will get an email when the unit is scheduled for production, the salesman/dealership will be notified at the same time. As mentioned in previous posts, Ford is suppose to send out...
  7. Beginner overlander

    Overlanding at its core is traveling over land, that is opposed to over water or air travel. You can overland by walking or some other transportation. In the past this was via horse or animal drawn wagon, the venerable covered wagon. Humans have a natural wanderlust, I'm convinced this is...
  8. A little break from the stress of waiting for the email......

    Ha! I just received mine Friday. Wore it today when we went to the local population center.
  9. To green, or not to green?

    Since you asked, Carbonized Grey. If flat black was available, I'd of maybe went with that. I had one gloss black car in my life and swore to never have another; you can't keep them clean and scratches show a mile away. I wish there was a more of an earth tone available this year, sand...
  10. To green, or not to green?

    They both look good, thanks to the 37s. I went with a conservative color this time, did not want to stick out like a sore thumb in some of the places I plan to go. I'm generally not a fan of green but that one does look good.
  11. 10 Speed Automatic manual select gear?

    The programming will not let you harm the vehicle. If you request a gear change and it is within the set parameters then the computer will do it. For instance, if lowering the gear will over rev the engine or if you try to come to a full stop in a high gear the programming will do what is best...
  12. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    For sure.... The real story is economy of scale. To lower the price, Ford needs to sell a lot of them. When this happens the secondary market is flooded with not only aftermarket parts but, OEM parts become cheaper, and value of used units become less (think 10 years down the road). It...
  13. Why are you a member of this forum?

    I'm here to get information, a lot better then walking around in darkness with false hope. What most people think of their own posts... What actually happens....
  14. No Right Hand Drive Bronco or Bronco Sport will be Developed

    Not to mention all those different brands of SWAGs. WHY? Seems the market would be extremely limited, like to other rural route carriers.:unsure:
  15. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    Exactly, two different issues conflated and sounds like if any order has material hold issues, it should be 22MY or it will be deleted. I am sure this is NOT what the OP is trying to convey. A build with unavailable options is different than a build with options that are in short supply.