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  1. MAP last weekend - Cyber Orange First Edition 4-Door

    Just happened to drive by this evening.
  2. Michigan Roll Call

    Wow, just found this thread. I am in Livonia with my reservation and order at Bill Brown. Looking forward to meeting up with other Bronco owners.
  3. Mid Package Pricing

    This is the main reason I ended up with the Badlands instead of my original BD squatch. I wanted Mid and manual. Once that choice was made I ended up ordering the High package. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Newest Accessories Catalog For 2021 Bronco

    I'll take this. 40x12 is going to work. B. CARGO AREA TRUNK Lock away your emergency gear and more in this Bronco logoed steel trunk. Fits perfectly behind the back seat in a 2-door Bronco.• Carpeted floor cushions and protects sensitive gear• Two gas charged struts assist opening and hold lid...
  5. Dealers holding MSRP

    Bill Brown Ford in Livonia is honoring my X plan...
  6. Have you received your Ford Pass points from the Bronco open house

    I got my 11,000 points about ten days after the events. I went to 2 - got credit for one. Good enough. My wife came with and used my FordPass number, but they said at the time most likely only one would count. They were right.
  7. What is your BL build?

    Had to have the 7 speed, so: 2Dr 2.3 Manual High Oxford White MIC with headliner Tow Roof rack to be added with points
  8. Man’s best friend and two door Broncos

    With the seats down for me. But that is how they will be most of the time.
  9. Rapid Red / Navy Pier Outer Banks @Bill Brown Ford Livonia

    We were there too! I think I actually spoke with you Amy. Happy birthday weekend to you. After the Bill Brown event we drove down to Monroe to Friendly Ford and saw the CG 1st edition Bronco there. Also to the OP, we are ‘only’ 51. 😝
  10. Michigan Dealer Bronco Pre-View Event

    Mine is March 27 at 10am. Bill Brown Ford.
  11. The Veteran (and Active) Service Member thread

    USN EM2(SS) Yes, an F'ing nuke ;) 1990-1996 SSN-621 decom SSN-711
  12. Active and retired military bronco owners!

    USN '90-'96 SSN-621 and SSN-711 Currently working at a VA hospital.
  13. Anyone else's order conformation email summary lacking options?

    Hmm. Mine is missing the roof rack and headliner.
  14. How much is your Deposit?

    Zero. Other than the initial $100
  15. A51 Wildtrack? 2 door driving on the highway. (Edited title)

    I think you’re right now that I’m looking.
  16. A51 Wildtrack? 2 door driving on the highway. (Edited title)

    Oh yes I see that now. Didn’t see it while driving ?. I’m looking at the pictures now that I am stopped.
  17. A51 Wildtrack? 2 door driving on the highway. (Edited title)

    Caught this on my way to work today on 275 south near Romulus, Mi.
  18. What is your final build?

    Mine is this only 2 door and add towing.
  19. Base Bronco 2-Door Iconic Silver spotted in Wixom, MI

    Very true. The silver looked real good in person. My last silver car was a silver arrow Jetta, great color. I had not considered silver on the Bronco. Now... Maybe.