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  1. Report: 2021 Bronco production not expected to be affected by chip shortage. And "Deadly 6" are now the "Deadly 4"

    Ford knew there was crazy demand for it in 2020 and probably ordered up the chips then for these vehicles (before the chip shortage got really bad) or they are stealing them from other lines
  2. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    rebuildable More adjustment More fluid capacity.
  3. Bronco King Shocks 2.5 are available

    People crack me up when they complain about the price. That is what good quality coils cost and this is the cheaper end 😂
  4. Sweet video from Loren Healy demonstrates difference a front locker makes on Badlands Bronco Sasquatch

    Well he didn't have the front locker on until the end. May of had the front sway bar on also based on the video...
  5. 📷 2.7L Bronco Engine Bay Photos

    Not exactly
  6. 📷 2.7L Bronco Engine Bay Photos

    Engines like that aren’t necessarily hard to work on... I would rather deal with that than an early 90s fuel injection vehicle 😬 As for vacuum lines us techs have smoke machines for that crap 😜
  7. Alpha Wolf

    The only thing that will truly advance electric vehicles is a huge battery advancement. My friend is working on a gold carbon nano particle battery that is 10x the storage of lithium. The problem is vibrations kill the battery. Imagine a model 3 with 3x the range 2/3 the weight and a cheaper...
  8. Lux Package, Why Can’t I Quit You?

    Bronco should just have a cold weather package available for all trims like jeep.
  9. Has anyone driven the manual yet? Getrag MT-88

    I’ve driven a road races and auto crossed mustang MT82 since 2015 with 30K in track miles and road miles. Most of the failures are people that don’t know how to drive manuals imho. .
  10. Bronco Badlands vs Wrangler Rubicon: Head to Head Comparison Series - Beginning With Ordering

    badlands = rubicon (both come with swaybar disconnects) The mopar lift does not equal the Sasquatch package. Sometimes I wonder about people.
  11. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    It was a racing event and they showed off racing Broncos... seems pretty fitting to me. That rig with all the one off custom stuff yeah I can see 80K easy.
  12. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Exactly this. 100% people built up their own hype and got mad / disappointed when it wasn’t what they envisioned but this is a good thing overall for the brand even if it isn’t something you can buy off the lot.
  13. Order Price Vs MSRP

    Not if you live out in the country ;) 2.9 state tax only for me 15 mins into town and it would be 7.01 Still get bent over on plates but still
  14. Questions for Non-Wrangler haters

    If you buy a jeep get the 2.0 turbo. Such a better engine than the 3.6 imho from the service side of things. Plus you won’t have to deal with the oil cooler failure that will happen not a matter of if but when. solid axle death wobble is just worn out parts not really an issue as even IFS parts...
  15. Preproduction Broncos are at Sanderson Ford Glendale, Arizona -- today & tomorrow [Photos Added]

    I can’t wait for these to come into the shop “my car has a rattle” and find it is from bottle tops inside that rail
  16. Child seat installed in a 2021 Bronco 4-Door (photos)

    Everytime they post “ask us questions” I have sent in show us a rear facing child seat in the bronco. Glad they finally did what they said they would.
  17. Ford 2.7L EcoBoost Engine Overview

    The 2.7 engine is fantastic being in a repair shop I have seen very little issues from it except minor issues with the first gen version which was fixed in the 2018 update. The 3.0 is also from the same family and again I've seen very little issues even on fleet vehicles with near 200K and...
  18. YOU CAN DO IT...without MID pkg

    I wish we didn’t have to get the safety crap with the mid upgrade. That’s one of the things I don’t want but I want heated seats dual climate control