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  1. Would you consider the Ford Explorer Timberline over Bronco?

    Nope, looks cool though. Would consider it over a Honda Pilot.
  2. Dealer won't make changes

    You are fine. I ordered BL originally and changed to a WT. The website never did update. I received the email with my VIN and it had all the correct details included.
  3. Buttload of Sports Showing up in My Town

    This is probably the best way of putting it that I’ve seen so far.
  4. Everglades Green 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition renders ☘️

    These pics look great! Good job. Green isn't really my color, but still love the concept here!
  5. What I know so far about my order...

    That’s great! Congratulations! I can’t wait until we start getting pics of Broncos that have been delivered!
  6. Tow Package contents / components?

    This is the towing sub forum... 🤦
  7. What does Priority 10 Mean

    Pretty much nothing at this point. Anything that’s not 99 is submitted as a buildable order. Now you wait for the email fairy to tell you your scheduled for a build.
  8. Do I still have time to switch?

    This is not correct at all. I swapped from a badlands to a WildTrak on 4/9. No issues at all. Your dealer just screwed up. I have since received my VIN and am scheduled for the week of 6/21 for build.
  9. MPG of 2.7L Bronco Wildtrak Sasquatch - watch the fuel economy changes during driving

    Why’s everyone so against watching videos? 🤷

    If you can be bothered to look back about 6 posts then you will find your answer.
  11. Future Bronco Purchase Regrets

    The elitism here is strong. "I am a true outdoorsman and the rest of you are too dumb to figure out that you aren't." Blah blah blah. Or "I was taught to drive in a Bronco when I was 6 yrs old in the late 60s. I deserve this. You and your 4 doors stay off my lawn!" Stop worrying...
  12. Delayed Production

    Bronco doesn’t use chips. It runs on Nargals and Snorlacks.
  13. Delayed Production

    Is there a chip shortage? I hadn’t heard... 🙄
  14. Will any WildTrak w/ Lux be built before all the First Editions?

    On the Bronco Nation boards there are two WT - Lux package broncos posted that have build dates in June if that makes you feel better.
  15. Race Red and Rapid Red Badlands at Bronco Event @ Pearl Ms

    Great post! Love the pics. I gotta get one of those hats!
  16. YouTube Content Creators and Priority Orders

    I don't like that priority orders became a thing, but they did. Not sure why it matters that the person from your dealership who received priority is a content creator. I'd rather that over the sales manager's 16 year old kid. At least the content creators will produce content that you will...
  17. VR 360 Degree Video Tour of Broncos

    This is great. Thanks for posting!
  18. Anyone Else Started Nesting?

    I've been trying to visualize where I am going to put the MIC too. Not sure if I have a great spot for a ceiling mount though.
  19. Anyone Else Started Nesting?

    This weekend I started re-organizing my garage to prep the space for my Bronco. I know it's gonna be a while, but it felt good to do something. Anyway, my wife kept saying I was nesting like I was about to have a baby. :p