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  1. Feeling like an Addict

    I'm one of the few younger guys on here that has no social media. I do spend a lot of time here on the forum though. It is addicting. And I'm getting impatient for my base mansquatch. I spend a lot of time watching all the Bronco YouTube videos.
  2. Am I the only redneck on here planning a pure redneck build?.

    I could not agree more about the black wheel fad. I'm so over it. The Bronco should have had an aluminum/chrome wheel option. Even though the base steelies are amazing.
  3. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    Yeah I was really wanting the cyber orange. But I'm a base mansquatch as well. So same thing will happen with the green. Oh well. I think iconic silver will be my color.
  4. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    And the wheels are hideous. Sorry to you Outer Banks guys. But those are tough to look at.
  5. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    I want sasquatch for the lockers, but I want those steelies!
  6. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    You're right. You're right.
  7. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    90% of owners in 3 years will be non-offroaders driving to the mall. Damn shame. Just like the 4 door jeeps.
  8. What other not so common accessories are you going to add?

    The shift knob and boot, from the early photos. Also matching steering wheel.
  9. My takeaway (one surprise)

    I'm 6'2 and daily drive a 2011 Ranger. So I think the inside of the Bronco will be more roomy for me.
  10. Chicagoland Showing (Bronco = Awesome) + measured Sasquatch vs Badlands suspension height difference

    Big yawn. that's what I figured. I don't care to see those.
  11. How long do you keep your vehicles?

    In the past kept my beaters for about 3 years. But I plan on keeping my 2011 Ranger until I don't have room for it. And keeping the Bronco forever.
  12. Do we NEED goat modes?

    So for a base, how do you duplicate Mud/Ruts? It says it adjusts the throttle. Just confused.
  13. Why did you get a Bronco?

    Besides my earlier comment of the only Ford available with manual trans and 4x4, but I had a 1990 5 speed Bronco II Eddie Bauer (hence my username) and absolutely fell in love with off roading. Unfortunately, the BII was a Beater with a capital B, so I want a nice manual Bronco for my daily.
  14. Why did you get a Bronco?

    Manual 4x4 Ford. That's why! My 2011 Ranger was the last model they made with that combo.
  15. PHOTOS side by side 96 Bronco vs 2021 size

    Outstanding job on the comparison. Its tough to judge how big they will be. Thanks. I like that it is somewhat close to the 5th Gen size.
  16. PHOTOS side by side 96 Bronco vs 2021 size

    Wow the new one is a lot bigger than I expected.
  17. Halted production on MT82?

    If you're referring to the MTI550 on the Bronco, it's at 20% order rate per Ford.
  18. 📈 Our 2021 Bronco Order Stats / Take Rates After 3K Submissions

    Almost every option I'm getting is the least popular/lowest order rate, with the exception of Sasquatch and Base trim (F.E. and Big Bend being lower).