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  1. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    I can't wait for my 2-door manual! It's been a looooong time since I've had a manual and this potentially could be the last one, so I'm excited
  2. Anyone in Canada get an email today?

    Not sure yet - dealer didn't supply that on the phone, but I've followed up and asked for VIN and build date.
  3. Anyone in Canada get an email today?

    Hah, emailed my dealer to see if I could change colour/package (as was indicated in the Ford email) and found out I have a VIN! I'm still stoked on the original order, so it's not a big deal: 2.3 manual 2dr badlands base Tow package MIC Cyber Orange
  4. Any other Canadians save there self $1500 from picking 33 BFG’s over the 33” Goodyear’s?

    Yep - my Badlands is ordered with 33" BFG's - I'll run those as winter tires and get a second set of rims/tires (hopefully 35's fit) for summer exploring. Once the BFG's wear down I'll get something more like a full winter (yes the BFG's have a snowflake, but they are still a bit slippery...
  5. Bare-bones Badlands Unicorns

    Currently waiting for a 2dr Badlands base (CO, 2.3 MT) - tempted to add Mid, but thinking the base is enough for the fun build. Haven't called the dealership about the roof liner - but will probably add it, as it's my guess that the roof production issues are 100% related to this.
  6. Keyless Entry Pad. Worth The Money?

    I really like mine on the F150, so it's going on the Bronco for sure, surfing, swimming, biking, etc are all nice to be able to get back in without the key.
  7. Base Badlands w/ 33s vs Sasquatch w/ 35s final decision

    I went for the base Badlands, no sasquatch package - in Canada it's a $4500 upgrade (rather than $2500), so even with exchange rate it isn't a great deal. I'll spend that money on tires and rims separately (35"? don't know yet) and have a summer and winter set then. Still get the suspension...