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  1. VIDEO: Base Bronco @ SuperCel

    We don't see base Bronco videos because the more options, the more money they make. If we see it we want it.
  2. VIDEO: Base Bronco @ SuperCel

    Excellent video; thanks for sharing!

    Awesome photos! Thanks for posting them. I went with CG but second and third guess my choice almost every day. That silver looks really really good with the dark top, fender flares, and big tires. Very nice.
  4. Bronco Sports already on CarGurus

    IMHO they have their competition covered and them some. I'm glad to see them selling.
  5. Her Bronco Sport

    Congrats to her! They do look cool and different than the competition. My wife really likes them too. Now sit back like the rest of us and wait and wait and wait.
  6. Great closeups of Cyber Orange and the MIC top

    Thats some camera you have; Awesome video. That color really shows the great lines on the Bronco. Thanks for posting it up.
  7. TRAIL TURN ASSIST IN ACTION on multiple Broncos

    WOW! Thanks for the post up. Looks way more useful to me in the woods than a giant sandy area. Maybe I won't have to drag the deer as far if I'm lucky enough next hunting season to have my Bronco by then and put a deer down.
  8. My takeaway (one surprise)

    I guess I'm the bear that thinks the size is perfect. I drive full size trucks all the time and didn't want another full size 4x4 so the new Bronco hit the bulls eye for me. Great pic of the CG btw; thanks.
  9. Floor Liners with Washout Floors?

    Wash out floor and rubber Ford mats for me. I have the Ford mats in my 2019 F150 and it makes clean out during hunting season a breeze. The Ford mats in my 150 looks like the are made by Weather Tech.

    Cool video thanks for posting it up.
  11. My ride Experience Super Cel East w/ 6'4" passenger in rear seat

    Congrats on getting that ride along. Glad to see you and your family enjoyed the experience . You do know that report makes it harder for all of us to wait right lol? Thanks.
  12. Surprise Bronco For Wife!

    She's gonna be one happy lady! Hey FORD move this customer to the front of the line. I'll take a step back. My wife didn't go through anything like yours but she has put up with me buying guns and fishing equipment for many years too. She just retired so I got her a new Mustang GT a few...

    Thanks for the info and congrats on getting a ride along.
  14. 10 Hidden Features on the 2021 Ford Bronco!

    Thanks for sharing. Picked up a few things I didn't know and I don't think you can know too much.
  15. Likes and Dislikes

    Looks like the window didn't lower slightly when opening the door as I think it should. Thats how they work in the Mustangs. May be a pre production thing.
  16. It's real and it's awesome!

    Yes they look awesome in person. Thanks for sharing.
  17. 2 door and 4 door Badlands walk around videos @ Super Cel East

    Great videos! Thanks for taking the time to post them up.
  18. Wow...Just got back from SuperCel

    Those things are missing a couple doors but I guess I'd take one. LOL I want a 2 door too but had to order the four door for my grand kids and our hobbies. Thanks for the pics and write up.