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  1. Would you consider the Ford Explorer Timberline over Bronco?

    10/15 years ago when my kids were 8/11 and 3/6 maybe but now, no.
  2. What Chipset(s) will the Bronco use and who makes them

    This is great info. Thank you. I wonder if the MY 22/23 will switch to the EyeQ5 so they can offer some of the additional tech. Are these chips permanent? Is it something where with a 21 you could upgrade at some point kind of like a hard drive or RAM. I know Ford just wants to sell another...
  3. Door Bags

    Completely off topic and childish. But for some reason seeing this topic title reminded me of my ”that’s what she said line” which was “you’re a….” Half the time it made no sense but still made me laugh out loud. Anyways random Monday thought, carry on. ps. You’re a door bag. jk
  4. Newest Accessories Catalog For 2021 Bronco

    First, thank you for this. Christmas list galore material. Second, how are you guys handling orering this stuff? Are you adding it to your original build or are you doing a separate order with your dealer? I took everything off except for the keyless entry pad as I didn’t want that stuff to slow...
  5. Are you telling dealer no stickers on your Bronco?

    Absolutely yes!! Unless you want to pay me an advertising fee. Then I will be a driving Google for you. Until then, hard pass. I say that but yet leave the license plate frame on with their name. Here’s a classic. My dad decided to get my mom a new car after having her last one for 20+ years...
  6. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    So is that a you like it because you like it. Is the thrill the sense of danger or what?
  7. Rock Crawling - Please Help Me Understand the Appeal

    This is not meant to belittle anyone’s love of this type of off-roading, instead it is a genuine question. As someone who is new to off-roading I just don’t understand why someone would want to put their $50k ride in jeopardy from driving up big rocks. I can see the appeal of everything else...
  8. đź’š [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    I am not a green car fan but I do really like that green. It looks modern and classy but still has that look that fits in well with the Bronco messaging, use and feel. If it’s real call me impressed. Well done Ford.
  9. Going Wednesday to see Broncos in MKE, any requests?

    Thanks for the well wishes.
  10. Going Wednesday to see Broncos in MKE, any requests?

    Sorry guys (and gals), I mentioned this soon after I boastfully posted that I was going down there my wife tested pos. for COVID so I am stuck quarantining and unable to go. I apologize and will have to just dream of seeing that Bronco in person.
  11. Going Wednesday to see Broncos in MKE, any requests?

    So in a bit of cruel irony, I just found out that my wife tested positive for COVID so now I have to quarantine and therefore miss the event this Wednesday. I am.... (words can't describe but they do involve a lot of 4 letters). Sorry guys.
  12. Going Wednesday to see Broncos in MKE, any requests?

    What part of the seat do you want me to measure from-front, back, middle?
  13. Going Wednesday to see Broncos in MKE, any requests?

    11-12 is my slot. How about you?
  14. Going Wednesday to see Broncos in MKE, any requests?

    Heading down there this Wednesday the 28th. Just seeing if anyone needs any pics or questions answered. Lmk.
  15. FE Mods vs Value of Original

    One of the benefits of the Bronco is customization of course. With the FE, does its value lie in it remaining intact or will it be ok with mods. Any insight or past experience would be helpful.
  16. Why is everyone afraid of the engine bay?

    What is an engine bay? Is that the thing in front that makes the car go? When I take it in to the dealer for an oil change or if the light comes on for service he makes it go away.
  17. Would you pay a Premium above MSRP for a First Edition?

    As someone who has an FE res and specifically reserved for the FE, I would say no as well. I would not pay over msrp. If I wouldn’t have gotten mine I would have waited. While many of you do not find value in such a thing, many of us do (like waiting overnight for the first iPhone) or even to...