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  1. Who else has America's Sports Car?

    Sold this not long ago. Enjoyed it for 14 years.
  2. Despite MAP breaks, Ford says Bronco remains on track for Summer deliveries

    So.....WHEN AM I LIKELY TO GET MY BRONCO (day 2 reservation, but with 4 of the deadly sins)?
  3. 🚨4-Door Big Bend (Race Red) @ MAP

    Color combo looks great, thanks for pics.
  4. CG RC Bronco offroading

    Yay!!! SAS spare tire cover😆
  5. Clear As Muddy Water

    Thanks, that’s about as good of an answer that I have heard.
  6. Clear As Muddy Water

    I spend a lot of time on this forum and have been educated so much, which I appreciate. I do have to admit, however that I am confused about something. I know some are already getting emails about their Bronco being scheduled for a build. Are we going to find out week by week, who gets...
  7. Bronco 1st Impressions

    Wow 😯
  8. 5/6 (thursday) emails official what should we expect

    Yes, inquiring minds want to know.
  9. Bronco 1st Impressions

    Off of Thomas Road!
  10. Bronco 1st Impressions

    I used to live in West Monroe, which dealership did you see the Broncos at?
  11. 📐 New 2021 Bronco measurements per your requests

    If you have a roof rack on it, it will add a little over 3 inches, so it would be little over 78 inches WITH THE RACK.
  12. 📐 New 2021 Bronco measurements per your requests

    Plus, it didn't have the roof on. BL non-squatch is 73.8. All Squatched Broncos are 75.2. I measured myself at Supercel 4-21-21.
  13. Dealer installed?

    I agree 100%.
  14. Dealer installed?

    if you haven't been scheduled with a VIN yet, you should be able to add roof rails to your order from the factory. Unless you have a 4-door SAS.
  15. Ford Dealers May Not Have New Inventory Until August

    MY21, welcome to 2022. MY22, welcome to 2023. Well folks, it looks like we have more time to save money. On the bright side, everyone that has disciplined themselves and put money aside on a regular basis, will have a small note or none at all 😃