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  1. Ford Dealers May Not Have New Inventory Until August

    I starting to wonder if there is an OJ curse preventing this vehicle to market. Chips,roofs maybe tires, leather. What’s next. Take your best guess you will probably be right.
  2. MAP last weekend - Cyber Orange First Edition 4-Door

    Is that a black painted roof i see. Looks too good for MIC
  3. Is anyone debadging or rebadging their Bronco?

    It’s coming off.Probably replace with some kind of skull.
  4. What will you power with AUX Switches ?

    Never engage or flip # 6 switch.
  5. Gas stations running out of gas!

    This report brought to you by the makers of the New Jeep 4xe hybrid.
  6. 2 Door Wildtrak Bronco in Shadow Black at my Dealer Today

    If it wasn’t for the heat factor i would go black. Looks mean.
  7. Skeeterjack

    Ontario Bronco Club

    Good point. Ill re-think that idea.
  8. Skeeterjack

    Ontario Bronco Club

    I’m going with the front window. Redneck style.
  9. Likelihood of new colors for 2022 Bronco?

    Better colour choice then what you get on most of the foreign cars like Hyundai or Toyota.
  10. 2.7L, or 2.3L. Help me make the right decision.

    Go big or go home i always say. Unless you get the 2.3 and do a tune later.
  11. Skeeterjack

    Comment by 'Skeeterjack' in item 'This will be the down payment on my new 2 door Bronco'

    Nice. It’s the best designed car i think of all time.
  12. Skeeterjack

    Comment by 'Skeeterjack' in item 'This will be the down payment on my new 2 door Bronco'

    Outstanding car. Too bad you can’t have both.
  13. Bronco Depreciation

    How will late delivery affect the value of your vehicle in the long run. ? If you received your Bronco at the end of June at the earliest, you already own a 6month old vehicle. If for some reason you decided to sell after a couple of months, how would this affect your bottom line ? FORD should...
  14. **BUSINESS CASE- Painted Top Post Delivery - How To Make It Feasible, Trackable, Logistically Possible And Profitable**

    Who ever thought after all the disappointments that FORD has thrown at us, we would be talking about a roof for our $60,000. Plus vehicle. I’m a little worried about what other bad news is coming down the pipe.
  15. Canadian dealer allocations

    Nothing about nothing yet. Should we be worried.Maybe the Canadian orders are going to Brazil and abroad.
  16. Why isn’t Ford just releasing the Bronco as MY22?

    I guess we will find out in May who is a 21 vs a 22.