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  1. NEW HORSEPOWER / TORQUE SPECS for 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L

    I am sure the engine will love the lower lead in the avgas
  2. NEW HORSEPOWER / TORQUE SPECS for 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L

    I think I could justify the price for premium for an additional 25 HP (my only option is the 2.3l). I'm sure that equates to 15 at the wheel
  3. Stock Bronco 4-Door Lands a Podium Finish at NORRA MEXICAN 1000 RALLY in BAJA, Putting Built Wild Durability to the Test

    This is exactly what I have been planning to do with this thing. Now if I could only get the manual sasquatch delivery date I could finally put a date to it.
  4. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    I don't see why it wouldn't make a good road trip hauler, it has plenty of room and all you need is an ipad to shut the kids up.
  5. 21 MPG seen on 4 Door Badlands 2.3L

    I used to get 12 on my F150 with the 4.6 V8, and it wasn't very fast either. Still not sure I would like a truck with anything but a V8
  6. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    That was my thought exactly, it’s supposed to angle forward to push down “brush”. I think I will just order an aftermarket one later.

    I would like to say congrats but my jealousy is preventing it
  8. 2021 Bronco Outer Banks Roast Leather 4K Video

    I really like the silver dash on the outerbanks. I wonder if I can swap that out on a badlands
  9. Battlefield Ford (VA) Bronco Event - Impressions

    I am going to the event at Sheehy ford Thursday, I am hoping they have both of these so I can see first hand the difference between the 33's and 35's. I am buying a manual and the debate to wait for the sasquatch was a tough one for me so I am hoping when I see them both I will know I made the...
  10. My Moab Bronco ride review and detailed 33" vs 35" tires ride comparison

    The sway bar disconnect is supposed to auto reengage at speeds above 25 I believe