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  1. Email from Ford - How to increase chances of getting your Bronco sooner

    Based on that, as long as we didn't receive a Ford email by end of day yesterday then our production week shouldn't have changed. For anyone who did verify theirs changed, did you receive an email?
  2. 2021 Ford Bronco Full Tech Specs

    I saw that shit yesterday and had a good chuckle :D.
  3. 4-Door Wildtrak With Graphics Decals Spotted in Chicago

    My wife has an Xc90 and they are not small cars...
  4. 2021 Ford Bronco Full Tech Specs

    Nice to see more information on some of the systems (auto high beams, auto hold brakes, intelligent access, etc.). Still bummed it looks like adaptive c.c. probably doesn't have lane centering?
  5. Trail Control gonna be great

    Agreed. Going to be great on the connector and up at spaghetti junction.
  6. In-person thoughts from a fence-sitter & outdoorsman

    This confuses me too and likely comes from people with a larger SUV or truck shopping the Bronco. It is an entirely different class and shouldn't be expected to compete in everything. This Bronco form on an F150 would be a monstrosity IMHO, plus lose a lot of offloading flexibility.
  7. My Bronco production date has been delayed

    Thank you for being a voice of reason. Unfortunately, most people don't want to hear reason and just need a target.
  8. My Bronco production date has been delayed

    When I click on the progress tracker, it has never listed a build date, even though I'm scheduled. The timeline jumps from order submitted to in production.
  9. Utah Road Show Broncos

    This man reddits.
  10. 1991 SUV shootout. How far have we come?

    That Explorer dash looked like a spaceship compared to the Cherokee.
  11. Turkey here we come

    So is all forgiven after the Super League shit show?
  12. What Chipset(s) will the Bronco use and who makes them

    They aren't one of the deadly 4. Sas MIC Tow 2.7
  13. Ford rep suggesting new models in 22

    You do recognize that design and R&D have nothing to do with production, right? Bronco design team hasn't been sitting in their thumbs for hte past months.
  14. Bronco 1st Impressions

    Nitto makes a 33 for an 18 wheel at a quick glance. Will need more real world info will we can start speccong new tires accurately.
  15. Bronco 1st Impressions

    My plan as well!
  16. Report: 2021 Bronco production not expected to be affected by chip shortage. And "Deadly 6" are now the "Deadly 4"

    Exactly. Especially with the constraints, this should have been added to all top choices to make upgrading easier.
  17. Report: 2021 Bronco production not expected to be affected by chip shortage. And "Deadly 6" are now the "Deadly 4"

    No seething on my end. I'll drop my soft top back while at the light, give you a smile, bronco wave, nod, and be on my way! Will be just as happy and glad you will be happy as well!
  18. MAP last weekend - Cyber Orange First Edition 4-Door

    Because even the workers at MAP think the FE graphics look bad.
  19. Engineering and Product Development - Small Business Style

    Yeah, definitely respect and appreciate yalls standards and transparency. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more!
  20. Rear seat recline angle photos (vs unreclined)

    I see what you did there. *highfive*