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  1. Going to see the Bronco today. Anyone need to know valve stem lengths or muffler bearing diameter etc?

    I'm going to die a little inside the first time I see a squatted Bronco. I give it by next summer. Are we talking length or girth?
  2. Cactus Gray Black Diamond w/steelies @ Utah event

    It looks way better in person but I still agree with you. Same with A51.
  3. Bronco Sport after head on collision

    Wow the cabin is nearly untouched.
  4. Insights from Bridgeport Texas Bronco Event

    @North7 very nice! Did you look into the snap ring deal with the BL shocks?
  5. We get the 10R60 not the 10R80

    This SOP for Ford, using "just enough" transmission. It's more unusual that the Ranger has the 80 than that the Bronco does not.
  6. Received Bronco family diecast models from Ford for converting reservation without consent

    I don't even care about free, how do I buy that set?!
  7. We get the 10R60 not the 10R80

    They have these new fangled contraptions now, it does whatever it wants regardless of what you want. I think it's called an autotragic or something.
  8. Transfer Case Manufacturer?

    I once saw something about it being related to the BW 48-11 used in Ram 1500s.
  9. Hope ownership?

    Can't afford it on a president's salary.
  10. For Those with VINs and Build Dates ONLY - DELAYED or NOT?

    Not delayed, not priority - yet. It's still be too early to call I think.
  11. 3,220 lbs tow rating showing for certain trims / models

    All 2 doors are still 3500lb, only 4 doors are reduced lol
  12. 2021 Ford Bronco Full Tech Specs

    Spare tire and/or HD bumper I presume.
  13. NEW HORSEPOWER / TORQUE SPECS for 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L

    Whooo basically a free 30hp tune. I expect I'll stick to regular, 275 is plenty for me and will be the most economical configuration.
  14. My Bronco production date has been delayed

    My one hard date was August 9th, a delivery on either side of that changes up some vacation plans a bit. I'm still in limbo there as my current build week is right on the teetering edge anyway, but at least a bumped build week would solidify my plans.
  15. My Bronco production date has been delayed

    Got an email from Ford just now and my heart sank. Turns out they just want me to come in for a service. Let's just get it over with. Mass emails for everyone.
  16. My Bronco production date has been delayed

    I'm waiting for the riots when some late June builds aren't rescheduled while early June have moved to July.
  17. My Bronco production date has been delayed

    Sorry, 6/28 is spoken for, please select a July date.
  18. Badlands optional wheels vs Fuel Shok.... Hmmm

    I don't particularly care for the standard wheels at all. The optionals are OK but I didn't love them enough to pay up. The Motegi Traillites are a strong contender too. A found a set of 5 for 800 shipped with promo code. They don't look as beefy, but they also weigh 3 lbs less...