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  1. 🚨4-Door Big Bend (Race Red) @ MAP

    Thank you for the beautiful photos! Love this color on the Big Bend.
  2. DebbieEF

    Sac Bronco Club

    Elk Grove Ford. I have had nothing but positive interactions with them over the years, including with my Bronco reservation and order.
  3. Ordering for MY 2023

    Hi Jared, Elk Grove Ford is great, if you live in the Sacramento region. That is whom I place my reservation with. They have a fabulous general manager and staff. Just a great dealership. Best, Debbie
  4. Everglades Green 2022 Bronco Heritage Edition renders ☘️

    Love these! Thank you so much for doing these renders, Brian, and for the link to your IG page. I am a 99 code deferred to MY22 for the new green. Best, Debbie
  5. Newest 2021 Bronco Accessories Catalog PRICE LIST 💰

    Thank you, Stephan!
  6. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    Me too, Daniel! I love the "little" Base, but really want the rear locker. And I realize that my 1971 Ford Bronco did not have lockers, and it NEVER got stuck off road, but I know how much help a rear locker can be in loose sand and boulders.
  7. Pizza cutters

  8. 33" BFG KO2 vs Goodyear MT 33" vs Goodyear MT 35" -- tire weight & specs

    I have the exact same BF Goodrich tires on my F250SD4x4 truck. I love them. The first set went over 80,000 miles, and I replaced them with the same tires. I live along a gravel road and do a lot of combined paved, gravel and dirt road driving (and pull a horse trailer). Fabulous tires!
  9. Cactus Grey Black Diamond Images:

    Here is a side photo of the cactus grey Black Diamond at Elk Grove Ford.
  10. 4 Door CG Black Diamond + Black OBX at Capitol Ford with some cargo area measurements

    The Ford Team guys were dumping bottled water on the floor of the Black Diamond to illustrate the drain holes in the floor. No leaks I think.
  11. Chicagoland Showing (Bronco = Awesome) + measured Sasquatch vs Badlands suspension height difference

    Thank you for all of the comments, photos and measurements!
  12. Meet Bronco event impressions and 5' 0" Wife

    Yes, the 4-door Black Diamond that is touring the west coast/west is a 7-speed manual transmission, which was great to see! I pushed in the clutch and worked the shifter - very smooth with short throws/distances.
  13. Meet Bronco event impressions and 5' 0" Wife

    I am pretty sure these are the two Broncos coming up to Idaho. The showcase team was talking about their 8 hour drive from Sacramento up to Portland, OR, then going onto Tacoma, WA and across to Idaho.
  14. Elk Grove Ford (California) Bronco Preview

    I saw two Broncos yesterday (a black Outer Banks, Lux Package and a cactus grey Black Diamond, no extra package, both 4-doors) at Elk Grove Ford in Elk Grove, just south of Sacramento, California. All I can say is WOW! To see them in person and be able to sit in the driver's seat was awesome...
  15. Measurements of cargo area storage tray dimensions -- from Future Ford of Roseville Bronco Event

    Thank you, Nicholas! I get to see them today. Very excited!
  16. Black Diamond Walkaround Video! 2-door Cyber Orange

    Great video - thank you.
  17. 🔥Stig Patches🤘🏻🤙🏻

    Just love the Stig stickers, and the pineapple pizza Squatch!
  18. 10 Things I Hate About The New Bronco

    You nailed it again, Justin! Thank you.