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  1. Ford rep suggesting new models in 22

    Do you think the Marble Falls ford dealer always has one or two there because of the off roadeos? Or do you mean we can drive out to the location of the off roadeo and stalk the entrance / nearby gas stations / etc? ... Not sure if you can tell but I am freaking JONESING to see one in person...
  2. Ford rep suggesting new models in 22

    Thanks - just called and they said it has moved on. So close!
  3. Ford rep suggesting new models in 22

    Ah come on lol! Where in ATX and is it still there?
  4. Newest 2021 Bronco Accessories Catalog PRICE LIST đź’°

    So $1,000 for tube doors on a 2 door and no price info on the painted wheel beauty rings... Thank you for posting this and also thanks for the bad news !! lol
  5. Broncos at Johnson Sewell Ford : Rapid Red Outerbanks + Iconic Silver Badlands

    @PC Austin did they say how long they anticipate having the broncos in the showroom? And I'm assuming they'll be locked/interior inaccessible for the foreseeable future? I'm about an hour east of marble falls too and trying to decide if it's worth the drive just to see one in person from the...
  6. Marine Grade Vinyl questions

    Do the floor mats have holes for the removable drain plugs? I kinda want them but not willing to cover up the drain plugs. I haven’t been able to find any photos showing that the MGV interior drain plug functionality is preserved with floor mats.
  7. Bronco Event at Pat Milliken Ford 03/18 - Rapid Red Outer Banks 4-Door

    Awesome pictures. Those floor mats look more and more worth it. I am curious though: if you get a BD or BL with washout interior, don't the floor mats make the drain plugs inaccessible?
  8. #1 of 7000 FIRST EDITION Walk Around - 2021 Ford Bronco 4 Door - Our Bronco Life

    Have been going back and forth on whether to change my cactus gray to black. This looks so good, I hope I can keep myself from changing my CG order haha.
  9. Six Deadliest Selections - But Why?

    So is the consensus that “extended wait time” is a shorter delay than “late availability”? Two nicely ambiguous terms there.
  10. Pics: Cactus Gray on 4 Door Bronco Sasquatch w/ MIC HardTop

    Doesn't the badlands get the silver "warm aluminum" beauty ring also when sasquatched?
  11. Changing Dealer "post conversion"

    Name and shame the dealerships doing this to y’all...
  12. [+ Videos] My KOH Write-Up: Manual Bronco Badlands, non Sasquatch experience

    Thanks for putting this together. So great to hear this feedback from a fellow enthusiast with high expectations!
  13. Decided to install Trailer Hitch

    Agree, RIP Tom. Hilarious take here... However, how many of y'all are planning to add the hitch yourself after purchase? If Ford is charging $600+ for the hitch and wires alone, that is a tough pill to swallow.
  14. Video: Bronco with RTR Wheels on the move at KOH

    Damn A51 looking absolutely amazing. I had all but settled on cactus grey! These both look good with the MIC top and badlands grille.
  15. Help Needed - Dealer Placed Order without Talking to Me

    @99culpepper I hope you get this all worked out!
  16. Bronco GVWR Excel file + SAS weight + V6 weight + package weights

    Awesome, thanks. This calc is very helpful given the very tight GVWR margins on the Bronco.
  17. Bronco GVWR Excel file + SAS weight + V6 weight + package weights

    Thanks for putting this together! How did you find the Sasquatch package weight? I was thinking - it must be less for Badlands given how much is included already right? I’m curious what weight badlands Sasquatch adds.
  18. Leaked Look at Ford Maverick Pickup!

    I don't love it but if you put a gun to my head and I had to choose between this and the ridgeline... I'd definitely pick the maverick.