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  1. Sub 2k lb camp trailer to tow with Bronco?

    Renting is a good call. RV lots up here are looking emptier all the time too. I've heard the manufacturing backlog across NA is in the billions of dollars.
  2. Insights from Bridgeport Texas Bronco Event

    Hmmmm, would be nice to see how it mounts vs. the coilovers on the Bronco.
  3. 2023 Ranger Raptor 3.0L EB V6 Confirmed - Hello Warthog!

    Does the Explorer ST use the 10R60 with 415lbft of torque? That may soothe some fears around here. Actually no nevermind it probably won't.
  4. We get the 10R60 not the 10R80 transmission

  5. Insights from Bridgeport Texas Bronco Event

    Rougher ride and heavy duty off road? Sounds like towing to me!
  6. We get the 10R60 not the 10R80 transmission

    I do not. I was pointing out an available alternative for those who find this situation untenable.
  7. Insights from Bridgeport Texas Bronco Event

    @North7 great work out there. Did you get any more info or even a feel for what the "heavy-duty use" is on those non-live shocks?
  8. We get the 10R60 not the 10R80 transmission

    There's a way around this for all but the FE crowd out there, if you'll nut up (proverbially for the ladies of course) for it. Of course us three-pedal folks are also waiting for the news that we're being screwed over too. To quote Chris Rock; "that train is never late".
  9. Does tow package includes the trailer brake controller?

    That's what's in the tow package though...
  10. Retroactively install tow package wiring?

    AFAIK the Bronco has a different way of wiring that doesn't let you simply tap in like everyone used to. Some kind of variable voltage thing.
  11. 3,220 lbs tow rating showing for certain trims / models

    We've had this information since January (ish) - providing it hasn't substantively changed since then. Yes the tow rating is only lower on some higher trim (read higher curb weight) 4-doors, but those have similar - and in some cases even higher - GVWR than the Ranger does. It's the GCWR that...
  12. 2021 Ford Bronco Full Tech Specs

    It's not missing, it's "N/A"! Unless you're talking about cupholders...
  13. 2021 Bronco AUX Switches Wiring Diagram, Video, Discussions

    If you're interested, there is a lot of discussion already on this layout, including how to connect at the glovebox.
  14. Tow hitch onto Base model?

    Isn't that what the Ranger runs on similar size tires?
  15. Ford now competing against itself

    Sorry which two have manuals?
  16. Tow Package contents / components?

    I specifically asked him for more information and got diddly in response. Edit: photo so it did happen
  17. BuiltRight Industries - Innovative Gear Mounting Systems

    Holy crap that's waaaay too tall. I fully agree they also need a 4" tall one to level the floor with a bit of secure storage.
  18. Mid Package Pricing

    For now anyways. It will be interesting to see if the take rate keeps up long-term.
  19. Mid Package Pricing

    I think it was to upset manual "enthusiasts" to the higher trim.