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  1. 🎥 2021 Bronco Badlands Off-Road Test [Can It Wheel? By Lite Brite]

    That's how she is in all of their videos. I don't think she has an off switch or volume control 🤣 just excited all the time! FWIW she knows her stuff and is a pretty decent spotter for Kevin. She'd be stoked to see the SBD in real time even if she already knew about it More power to them...
  2. Decided to wait for 2022, dealer converted order and shows FE. Ok?

    The one to ask is your dealer. Hopefully they have an ounce of integrity and will explain. My guess is the email from Ford is inaccurate for everybody regardless of what you actually ordered. At least that's how it was for me. I emailed my dealer to double check and all was good. Edit: I'm...
  3. First Retail Orders Bronco Delivery Timing: Late June - Early July Possibly

    Zach I opted to wait for MY22 but I will be driving through Iowa sometime in August on my move to Idaho. Any chance I can swing by your dealership to check out the mannequins? 😁
  4. Last minute changes?

    I emailed my dealer last night to change my priority code to 99. Originally ordered Badlands w/ Mid. I'm putting my money where my mouth is and waiting for MY22 basemansquatch.
  5. New to the forum and put a reservation in and have a few questions?

    You just reserved today? I think you'd be lucky to get it by March of 2022. There will be people that reserved 6 months ago probably not getting their bronco until early 2022. As it stands, my reservation was August 2, 2020 and I'd be lucky to get it this year...
  6. 🎥 Bronco Base Sasquatch Walk Around Video

    DP. This guy at least explains a lot of information quickly without loud cheesy music
  7. 4 Door - Black Diamond - Sasquatch - Antimatter Blue Walk Around

    What are your initial thoughts from driving it so far?
  8. Did I make a mistake?

    Depends how you look at it. You said yourself you're a miser. Are you happy you saved a grand? Or are you upset you could've had all that extra stuff for a grand? People will tell you that you should've gotten the Badlands but only you can answer that
  9. The Case for a 2-Door BaseSquatch

    Basemansquatch would come in at an even cheaper price. Since the ordering window opened I've had it narrowed down to basemansquatch vs Badlands w/ Mid package. If basemansquatch was a MY21 option that's the route I'd go. MSRP on that would be cheaper than OPs post by about $3k. As it is...
  10. Is the Bronco already obsolete ?

    Accurate comment. I agree! People shoot out solar panels?? I guess I’m not surprised but am so, so disappointed. I 100% agree with your comment
  11. Bronco Sport not as off road as Marketing Suggests? What’s that mean for Bronco?

    Your post and commenting is welcome. It's open and light hearted discussions like this that are encouraged and useful. @SEkevin 's reply is nothing to worry about. Them telling you to research (when that's exactly what you're doing by reaching out to enthusiasts) is nothing to worry about. They...
  12. The great Sasq Mystery: rip-off or reasonable - BL

    If you're going manual transmission, then the value is not there to add Sas because BL already comes with 4.7 gears with the manual transmission. At that point you're paying $2500 for 35s and wider flares. If you're getting the automatic, then the value is there because you get 4.7 gearing.
  13. Tomorrow is the day.. Bronco or 4Runner TRD Pro

    You mentioned Ford's twin turbo v6 like it's a bad thing. Hasn't that been a great motor for Ford??
  14. Aftermarket Camera

    I'm also curious what brand you went with. Was the 360 cam an easy install?
  15. Body Colored Painted Hard Top

    Then you are breaking your promise. It's black. These are my personal photos I took of that bronco 5 months ago at super cel East. There has never been a debate about what color that truck is until it was shown at the OKC event under that lighting.
  16. Sell my Tacoma? I must be crazy.

    I'm on the keep taco train as well. But obviously only you can truly answer your question.
  17. The Ordering Troubles

    That's not true. You do not cancel.
  18. Cactus Gray Ranger in full sunshine

    I can't unsee this. Cactus Gray is the blended, boring, ugly, gray color you got when you were a kid and you mixed a bunch of different colored paints together.
  19. How to: Remove Fenders on 2021 Bronco [DIY Instructions Videos]

    Do the upper trims still come with a front facing camera if they only have the mid package? I didn't think so