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  1. No Broncos scheduled this week.

    And they're not making any more BL + BL Sports for the foreseeable future. It's not an order option anymore. I ordered my BL + BL in January and it arrived on Saturday. I love it. So fun to drive. I've ordered a 2DR Badlands too (7/16 reservation) and likely won't see it til 2022. The Sport...
  2. SPOTTED: Antimatter Blue Base Sasquatch 4 Door at MAP today

    Took my new Bronco Sport Badlands for a ride today and popped by MAP to see what they were displaying. Saw this 4 door AMB Base SAS. I also peeped in the yard behind the fence and saw lots of Broncos of every trim. My Sport is a great little appetizer but I can’t wait for the main course!
  3. trade in values exploding

    Carvana is offering me $6000 more for my 2016 Fiesta than the estimate I got 6 months ago. Crazy (almost double). My baby Bronco is being delivered next week, so I'm ready to unload one of my cars right now. And it's nice I'm locked into Z-plan so I benefit from the high trade in but don't get...
  4. CDN Jen

    Michigan Bronco Club

    I love how often they change up. I hope they realize how much we appreciate them throwing us a bone.
  5. Ford Dealers May Not Have New Inventory Until August

    Sucks if our big Broncos are delayed even further. So glad my Z-plan Bronco Squirt is built and on the train heading north from Mexico. Hopefully I can get top dollar for my Squirt trade in.
  6. CDN Jen

    Michigan Bronco Club

  7. MAP last weekend - Cyber Orange First Edition 4-Door

    Nice! I saw it today too. i was hoping for a CO SAS with MIC top. I got my wish!
  8. 2-Door Manual Base Bronco seen at MAP + Other 2-Doors and 4-Doors

    The base steelies look great in person. They’re bright silver. Very striking and eye-catching.
  9. Saw bronco sport today. Disappointed

    The Sport looks like an old boxy Escape and I love it. I'm getting one (a Badlands) to replace my current Escape and I can't wait for it to arrive. It'll compliment my 2DR Badlands nicely, when the 2DR finally arrives.
  10. A word of warning to those who may not fully understand what they are getting into

    Talk to @Mattwings. He’s ridden in a Bronco and his son just got a new Ranger.
  11. đź’š [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    As a Michigan State Spartan, I'm cool with this. I ordered Cyber Orange, but this green will be my backup if Cyber Orange is replaced in MY22 (which is probably when I'll see my 7/16 Bronco).
  12. Off Roadeo Registration successful for anyone yet?

    They're unable to verify either of my builds (Bronco Sport, have a VIN, arriving in a few weeks) and my 2DR Badlands. Total shit show.
  13. Off Roadeo Registration successful for anyone yet?

    The registration form said specific dates would be released for selection at a later date. Right now we're just getting our info into the system.
  14. CDN Jen

    Michigan Bronco Club

    @etmccaus86 I just did the same loop. Went to MAP to see the display Bronco (the MIC top looks so great!) then went to Dearborn to my go-to spots around Carol Shelby Way. Only saw the Cyber Orange Wildtrack that’s always in the same lot across from the gas pumps. First time I didn’t see any...
  15. CDN Jen

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Great pics! I was going to pop down there today to check it out but got sidetracked. Perhaps I will during the week. I love how often they change out the Bronco on display.
  16. 4DR Cyber Orange Outer Banks Displayed at MAP

    Great pics! God I love Cyber Orange, especially in dreary Michigan weather.
  17. This is how many Priority Order slots were allotted to dealers

    Wow, those are great numbers. Is the dealer a large/high volume dealer? My dealer won't tell me how many allocations or total reservations they have, so I'm trying to get an idea of how many allocations big dealers have so I can try to extrapolate.

    Are you willing to share the allocation info? I'm a 7/16 reservation at my high volume dealership in MI. They said today I'm #130 in line (moved back 15 slots somehow since January) and I'm trying to figure out where that puts me. They won't comment on their allocation or total reservations...
  19. CDN Jen

    Michigan Bronco Club

    Looks like your decision to forego SAS paid off. My wife insisted we keep the SAS, so I'll be waiting for a while. Still fun to see other Michiganders getting their emails. Can't wait to see you guys driving around! I'll be the one in the Rapid Red Badlands Sport following closely behind you...