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  1. The gas shortage.

    This makes me think you do want politics. 🤣
  2. My experience from Bronco Off-Roadeo Austin dealer preview, with pics & videos

    This looks very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Road Noise and Interior Climate: Carpet vs. Washout Floors

    Once you put the floor mats in, there is not much carpet or rubber flooring left exposed. I was kinda shocked by it at Super Cel.
  4. Ford Bronco Website Updated!

    Still looks black. 😂
  5. Official MPG figures: 2021 Bronco 2.3L and 2.7L fuel economy

    And you all thought it would be 16.9MPG. 😉 😂 I can take 17MPG, but it sure would have been nice to beat Jeep on the fuel economy numbers.
  6. Saw Bronco in person today..Kinda disappointed

    Bronco was always going to be Wrangler sized and built on the Ranger (next gen) platform. You can only fault yourself for thinking it would be any different in size. That said, you want a 2DR, so you’re still cool in my book. 😉
  7. First wild sighting: Painted Black Mod Top on 2021 Bronco

    Agreed. Color matched should look much better. Maybe white as well. Just not black on a non-black body.
  8. Photo request: 4 door Oxford White Sasquatch???

    Here’s a video from Super Cel East.
  9. 2023 Ranger Raptor 3.0L EB V6 Confirmed - Hello Warthog!

    I think it’s wider because of the suspension and tires, not the engine. 😂
  10. Off-Rodeo Texas Austin Live today with Pics

    Is this demonstrating how to properly clean the undercarriage? 😁
  11. Off-Rodeo Texas Austin Live today with Pics

    Wow! That looks like a nice setup. Thanks for the pics. (y)
  12. Thank you Bronco 6G and shame on Ford

    Using your logic, they haven’t sold one above $2k under invoice either. 😂
  13. Thank you Bronco 6G and shame on Ford

    At around $15 a dozen, I’m not sure your coming out ahead. Depending on when you started your charm offensive, you could be looking at a $100 hat right now. 😂
  14. Thank you Bronco 6G and shame on Ford

    Ford doesn’t own the dealerships. So, maybe “Shame on [specific dealership]” would be a better title.
  15. Bronco stampede sighting at Off-Roadeo Texas @ Horsehoe Bay

    I know. I was being facetious. Mustang has them too. Why they chose heated seats over cooled in an open-top vehicle is a head scratcher.