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  1. Does a code 99 receive a order confirmation email?

    I didn't get an email either. My reservation is thru Stephen's
  2. Does a code 99 receive a order confirmation email?

    You probably already know this but a code 99 means you're waiting for a my22. You won't be hearing anything from your dealer until it's time to order a '22. Just sit back and relax. Wait for the reviews. Anxiously wait for the new colors and options to be officially announced. Continue to save...
  3. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    was it the math? lol. add up all the people. all the testicles. divide # people by # testicles. should be about 1 testicle per person.
  4. Bronco Owner Stereotypes TBD

    Statistically speaking, every human in the world has one testicle. The demographic stereotypes for the bronco are probably going to be split up between trim levels just as much as it will be between sports vs full size bronco owners.
  5. [Updated: Bronco Sport earns IIHS Top Safety Pick+] New Bronco Brand news dropping today - per Mike Levine

    Trail turn assist for 7 speed plus ALL goat modes on Badlands would be awesome. Maybe word on the fold down tail gate and the hood mounted fishing rod holder
  6. 41% in WBDO orders are not buildable. Build estimate email after May 11th ?

    Hope my 99 deferral for a my22 doesnt get pushed to a 23 because of all the poor clueless my21 buyers that wont see this message or get in touch with their dealer, who may also not know. I imagine we will see thousands of orders suddenly get canceled without the buyers even knowing.
  7. 21 MPG seen on 4 Door Badlands 2.3L

    i wonder if 2 door with 2.3 (and manual) can get 21+ mpg
  8. Why are there no cupholders!!? Also, Pics and observations.

    There are cupholders in the fold down middle seat (4 door). There is a cupholder on the side of each rear seat in the 2 door. I don't see what the problem is unless that middle seat is being occupied. Or are those cupholders in the 4 door fold down seat only available with the leather interior?
  9. Off-Roading with your brand spanking new Bronco?

    I'll baby it till it gets f'd up by accident. Ie- parking lot dings, deer strike, rust. When it looks like a $2k vehicle, I'll drive it like a $2k vehicle
  10. First Edition Sadness Thread

    You and pretty much everyone else. I've been following bronco news daily since 2017 and I ended up deferring my 7/13 reservation for a my22 because of the lack of love manuals are getting in 2021 (amongst other gripes). I haven't had a road legal car of my own since July of 2020. Waiting two...
  11. The Mini-Truck War Heats Up

    Meh. I miss the old rangers. The new rangers are too big and curvy for the little engines in them. Practically the size of an f150. The new maverick does little to impress me either. Bring me back to the days of square body single cab long bed stick shift 4x4 pickups with rolly windows
  12. Off Roadeo Registration successful for anyone yet?

    Hopefully the northeast location gets figured out quickly. The western half of the country has 3 off rodeo locations, but the east and Canada have nothing close at this point.
  13. PHOTOS side by side 96 Bronco vs 2021 size

    judging by the width of the fender flares, i believe it has the sasquatch package
  14. What Green color for 2022?

    Only 1 green after having 4 blues, 2 reds, and 6 whites/greys/blacks? Im hoping for at least 2 greens. IF CO is being replaced, another pop color needs to take its spot. Grabber Lime is a good choice. I hope there are at least two green options. 3 would be better. Something with pop, something...
  15. Would love factory delivery / pick up

    Here you go.
  16. Would love factory delivery / pick up

    Go ahead and Google, "which states allow you to buy a car directly from the manufacturer". I'll wait. It is illegal to buy a car *in most states* but I can't find a list of ones that let you
  17. Would love factory delivery / pick up

    I wish we could buy our vehicles online directly from the manufacturer but we can't. It's a LAW IN MOST STATES. If the law was reversed, the only dealerships that would survive are used car dealerships. Which I suppose I am okay with but, you'd never see a brand new car in person without having...