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  1. 41% in WBDO orders are not buildable. Build estimate email after May 11th ?

    if our priority code is 19, that means it's buildable right?
  2. 💚 [Update: EVERGLADES GREEN confirmed by Levine?] Ford teases green color for 2022 Bronco

    i'll definitely be interested in this green if it's not metallic.... and if you can still get the sandstone interior
  3. Big Bend 4dr

    right now the sandstone and cloth seats are what keep me at BB instead of going to BD. sandstone is the nicest interior IMO. all black is boring
  4. Cool Bronco scale model

    ohhhhh i Love that green!!! even those graphics are sweet
  5. desert_rat

    Central TX Bronco Club

    yay big bend!! do you remember what time you placed your res?
  6. 10 Things I Hate About The New Bronco

    definitely agree ford should simplify the number of trims. they could do that and then make each one a little more customizable instead of having a bunch of trims that lock you into very specific things
  7. 📸 Bronco PICS & VIDEOS From Super Celebration East!!! 🎥

    can't get over how much better the MIC top looks now :love:
  8. First Week of Non-First Edition Bronco Previews – A Sample of What’s Getting Previewed

    dumb question.... what does it mean for an order to be "previewed"? does that mean it definitely will be scheduled for that week?
  9. First Look @ Broncos of Super Celebration East on Semi getting ready to be unloaded!! Includes 2-Door!

    can you imagine driving down the highway and seeing this motherlode 🥵
  10. Any TX Dealers getting any of the traveling display models?

    the Bronco may be at the Houston Auto Show May 19-23. they posted stock photos of it on their social media
  11. desert_rat

    Bronco Gals

    I just saw the baby bronco for the first time! its SOOOO cute!! :love: if for whatever reason the 2dr doesn't work out for me, i'm definitely getting the sport!
  12. April Commodity Constraints For 2021 Bronco Production

    what is it about the 2door that makes it face commodity constraints but not the 4door? maybe this is too simple but like, it's smaller. there's less stuff. 🤷‍♀️
  13. Big Bend National Park

    this has been breaking my heart.... big bend is so precious and fragile
  14. Black Diamond Headlights and Tail Lights Demo

    I like the look of the standard headlights but the turn signal on the tail lights seems weak af. wish it would be amber like in the front
  15. desert_rat

    Bronco Gals

    hi from Houston TX! i ordered a 2dr Big Bend 2.7L Mid package in Area 51 🙌 at first i was set on the Big Bend simply because i love the national park so much but then it also has the sandstone interior! when ford makes the hybrid version in a few years then i'll upgrade 😊 and i'm probably 2022...
  16. April Build, June Delivery!

    i met someone recently who made their reservation in december and their dealer told them it'll be delivered in august 😬 i had to burst their bubble
  17. desert_rat

    Bronco Gals

    i just got my power back after 2.5 days without it (I'm in Houston). hoping we're near the end of this mess
  18. ⚙️ 2021 BRONCO ACCESSORIES PICTURES! Ford Performance Parts Catalog + Availability Schedule ?

    that retro design from visco would look sick on cyber orange wow