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  1. First wild sighting: Painted Black Mod Top on 2021 Bronco

    No, I am sure there will be scratches all over my Bronco, but they will come from trees or other off-road obstacles. Because I plan to remove the hard top regularly, or at least the two front panels, it will be prone to scratching just from me pulling it apart. The MIC can obviously be...
  2. Saw Bronco in person today..Kinda disappointed

    Honestly, that is a huge bummer that it didn't meet your expectations. I probably would have lost my mind long ago if I didn't fall in love all over again when I saw a Cyber Orange two door Badlands in person a while back. Totally get it if you were expecting something bigger, but it was aimed...
  3. Let’s talk about something SUPER fun: Stadium Super Truck Bronco?

    How on Earth can I get involved in this?? This looks like a blast!
  4. Thinking about buying a Bronco Sport....

    Could be an awesome plan if you have enough rentals! I started looking into it after you posted and I would totally do this if I knew for sure people would want to rent mine. I won't need a car until late August/September and even then it will only be about 3 days a week... very tempting!
  5. How many people are going to see this to the end?

    I'm in for the long haul... I just hope that the "long haul" is only a couple more months and not 6-12.
  6. First wild sighting: Painted Black Mod Top on 2021 Bronco

    Is it bad I think I like the MIC better for sure now? I didn't like the painted top from a durability (scratches) perspective, but thought it would look better on most trims. I am surprised I am just not feeling it here.
  7. When must Ford provide MPG estimates?

    Anything above 15mpg and I’m good with it. I would love to see 20, but I’m not too concerned. I am 100% remote until mid-august and after that it’s looking like my work is going hybrid so even less weekly miles than I planned on. (If I ever get this thing :rolleyes:) 16-18 is what I expected...
  8. Email Eve - 4/21

    Yeah I get that part, but is there still going to be an estimated delivery email to everyone in May? Or are the weekly Thursday emails it and they had just meant they started around May? Was kind of hoping to have a rough estimate prior to selling my Jeep. If they tell me 2022 or late fall, I...
  9. Email Eve - 4/21

    So I’ve been off the grid for a while, will we all still get an estimated delivery email at some point in May? Or has that been replaced by the weekly production scheduling emails? Trying to lay low to control my obsession. 🤣
  10. More 2-Door Bronco Badlands in Cyber Orange (With Measurements)

    In my experience, the more sunlight on it, the more yellow it gets. Sometimes I looks very gold as well. If you have lots of clouds and overcast like Michigan winter, then it will appear close to the shade of my photos. It really is a great color and I was on the Cyber Orange train for a few...
  11. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    It almost thought it was lightening blue because there was no direct sun, but I could tell it was a Wildtrak when it got closer. It’s a great color!
  12. New Improved Brush Guard / Bull Bar Design and Location on Race Red Bronco Badlands!

    I didn’t get a picture, but I just saw a Velocity Blue Wildtrak 2dr with the MIC top on my way to the airport about an hour ago and it looked killer! Top didn’t jump out as out of place.
  13. I need my Bronco.

    Oh I’m not going to stop coming around, but my time here has significantly decreased and I didn’t expect it to. I think a big part of it is that I am at peace with my options and paint choice so the next step is just getting my Bronco. My activity will probably go up as people start taking...
  14. I need my Bronco.

    Completely agree. I can’t believe I hardly find myself posting or even on here anymore. I pop in on occasion to see if there’s anything new with production or watch a new video, but that’s about it.
  15. Washout floors. Removable/swapable? [PROBABLY NOT]

    Yeah... this bums me out. I was thinking I wouldn’t need to rip anything out and pay for Line-X. I think I would rather have carpet to be honest.
  16. Hard top back shell demensions?

    Not sure if this is much use for you, but I measured the two-door hardtop and the length with the front panels installed is about 83 inches. That’s not including the windshield. Maybe you can do some guesstimating from that?
  17. TFL, Jeep 392 Rubicon

    A 392 Hemi two-door Wrangler could still tempt me. Luckily they will never make one so I don’t have to worry about it. I just love that V8 sound!
  18. Moab EJS Ride Along - Bronco First Edition with Brad Lovell (+ Bronco vs Wrangler talk)

    Killer video. One of the best I’ve seen yet! Gets me excited all over again to get mine!
  19. 🎥 ARB Bronco Build Walk Around

    Didn’t even think about that. I assumed it was the 2.7L but he never says it anywhere in the video... hope it works for both!
  20. 🎥 ARB Bronco Build Walk Around

    I only bothered watching this video to see if and where they mounted a compressor. Super happy they said there are factory mounting points for it! Hopefully that means we don’t have purchase a bracket someone fabricated for $150 and we just need some hardware! ARB was badly outdone by 4WP.