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  1. Bronco 0-60 seconds?

    Thanks, Karen.
  2. The gas shortage.

    Emphasis on RIGHT NOW. When I posted this the DOW was down 1200 points in 2 days of trading. NASDAQ was down similar percentage. Long term, yes, things will be fine. Wish people had a sense for humor and sarcasm around here. If I have to explain the joke to you, it loses most of its effect.
  3. The gas shortage.

    If you are worried about this, whatever you do... for the love of God, please don't look at your 401k right now.
  4. Carvana Questions

    Sold my Ford Focus ST to Carvana in March. - I got my online offer March 12 - Scheduled my pick-up March 13 - Pickup March 19 (my car was mint so there were no deductions for condition) - Payment processed March 21 - Funds hit my bank account March 22. Carvana offers somewhere in the...
  5. Electric Bronco EV hinted by CEO Farley

    Tesla sales have faltered over the past 2 years ?
  6. Electric Bronco EV hinted by CEO Farley

    I take Farley's tweet not so much as an indication that an EV Bronco is coming ("How do you know we don't already have one developed?") but more as him providing the reason why they don't have one currently ("Do you understand all the roadblocks to having a viable EV offroader?").
  7. 🎥 5-feet tall checks out the exterior and interior + Bronco First Edition

    She isn't 5 feet tall even with those 4" heels.
  8. Bronco Logo Font

    Happy Friday, indeed!
  9. Emails today 5/6 ?

    You know it's good if their hours are "... Until sold out"
  10. Emails today 5/6 ?

    You could have just edited your original post.
  11. I don't know this guy, but he's a lucky dude.

    He's a commie. Probably why Mike Levine liked his tweet.
  12. Stage 3 Motorsports Official Introduction

    Stage 3 Motorsports are good people. Let's show them some love and support!!
  13. OEM Front License Plate Bracket is Dealer Installed

    Where are they putting the front plate on models with the front winch?
  14. OEM Front License Plate Bracket is Dealer Installed

    I've never really heard of it NOT being done during dealer prep. 🤷‍♂️ The explorer mention is news to me. I always make sure the dealer has it in writing that the front plate holder won't be needed and will not be installed or it could jeopardize the deal.