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  1. RTR Bronco

    It the same over here on this side of the Cascades, with the exception of rain days. It seems the Sheriff and Highway patrol are a bit more lenient when it comes to wheel coverings (over here at least), but the city cops are ticket happy.
  2. RTR Bronco

    In one of his videos around it's reveal, he mentioned some interior stuff also. I'm kind of curious as to what all they plan on offering. I reached out and asked a few questions, but the only thing answered was that the package/s can be installed by any Ford dealer and the graphics install is...
  3. Ford Power-Up Software Update This Fall Will Bring Alexa to the Bronco

    Disabling Alexa is the first thing that would happen. I hate it and would rather it not be associated with my vehicle.
  4. If Ford offered a 2DR Factory soft top for faster delivery, would you take it?

    I want the vehicle I order and don't want to compromise, even though I'm a '22 M.Y 2 Dr. With that said, if they included the electrical & washer connections with the soft top AND included an incentive like free shipping, to your local Dealer, with a guaranteed price discount on the hard top of...
  5. Rick Astley build journal: MY2? Badlands 2.3/MT/2-door

    That's a nice looking green. Is it a custom mix your friend did or one of those specialty/custom mixes from a place like PPG/Dupont/House of Kolor?
  6. Carvana Questions

    I'm dealing with this right now and it's tiring. I have a couple weeks left on my Autotrader ad and if someone serious doesn't appear by then, I'm going to see what Carvana will offer for it. I tried the KBB cash offer, but all the Dealers that contacted me were, at a minimum, a 2+ hr drive...
  7. Stage 3 Motorsports Official Introduction

    Welcome aboard! You really should've shaved and got a haircut before you took that selfie. 😉
  8. 2 Door Wildtrak Bronco in Shadow Black at my Dealer Today

    With as much as I like the look of this Bronco, the thought of owning another dark colored vehicle (especially black) makes me cringe. The color on my current vehicle, Plasma Blue Pearl, is similar to Anti-matter blue in how it reacts to lighting and is 'almost' as dark. It's also a pain in...
  9. Arctic Gray for 2022 Bronco? Color seen on Bronco Launch Edition for Mexico

    Load up a Badlands in the N.A build and price. It looks the same as Cactus Gray, so I'm betting their Launch Edition is exactly that with a name change for the market.
  10. Unhappy with Bronco Interior Options

    I did for quite awhile after the interior materials video dropped last Fall. My reservation was after the Sept line-in-the-sand and I'm still thinking Wildtrak, but I had my reservation put as a code 99 for '22 M.Y to see what Ford will be tweaking, if they actually do. I may end up changing...
  11. Katzkins confirms they'll have full leather seat covers

    This is one of the default versions on Katzkin's site for Outer Banks Bronco sport. This is a Mahogany & Black combo from a Bronco sport, from Katzkin. So it seem possible to create something pretty close.
  12. Lilj4425's your computer is about to freeze again Bronco Super Celebration East photo thread.

    HA! My computer didn't freeze. I will say that the Velocity Blue Wildtrak is a good looking rig, but not sure it's attractive enough to pull me away from Race Red.
  13. 18 2/4 door Broncos at Super Cel East

    Nope. Absolute Black is a black with a hint of blue pearl in it. Found this screen shot on the F150 forums a while back. Absolute black has so many variations and there are some saying Shadow black is the same thing. I can't say for sure (and I doubt it is), but if the Shadow black on...
  14. First Look: All Black Leather Interior On First Edition Bronco

    It looks like the sunlight it washing out the upper dash color, but it definitely looks black, if you compare it to how the center console lid looks. (the not-so-great picture quality isn't helping either) The silver insert in the render looks better, but I'd imagine if you got an insert for...
  15. Bronco RTR Prototype spotted in Farmington, NM

    The rock rails and rear bumper will be offered individually for purchase, just like they do with the Ranger and such. No clue about the rear license plate, but they may offer one that goes on the spare tire. If they don't, there are other places that will.
  16. New Damaged Bronco Sport at Dealership

    Yeah, this happens, sadly. I had repaired a few new vehicles, that were damaged off the transport or from an accidental 'nudge and run' when it was on the lot or out for a test drive. If you don't notice something is off, they will never tell you and still sell it as a new vehicle. It can...
  17. Rick Astley build journal: MY2? Badlands 2.3/MT/2-door

    GM was actually the worst paying warranty/recall vehicle manufacturer. I cringed (and cried) every time one came into the shop. If you remember the S-10's/S-15's (pickups and Blazer/Jimmy) Cavaliers, Luminas and so on, along with their twins from Pontiac, Buick. All those vehicles had...
  18. Rick Astley build journal: MY2? Badlands 2.3/MT/2-door

    A little number 'manipulation' to the year & vin#(on the paperwork) and you should be golden. 😉
  19. Rick Astley build journal: MY2? Badlands 2.3/MT/2-door

    Warranty/Recall paint issues are a totally different animal when pricing comes into play. I should know, I was the main Refinish guy at the shop I had worked at. The pay to the person doing the repair and material coverage isn't very good. In fact, Automakers try to screw you out of how...