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  1. The gas shortage.

    The problem is the truck drivers retiring early during and prior to the pandemic. Currently companies are short nearly 100,000 truck drivers. If you can’t move the goods you won’t have them. Also there is currently a surplus of gasoline but not enough trucks on the road to get it to you.
  2. Thinking About Ordering a 2 Door? - Watch this video!

    looks like if you got a two door just follow proper procedure and cancel the order. Then order a four door, I promise you’ll get it at the same time you would have received the two door. 🤞😏
  3. Stage 3 Motorsports Official Introduction

    I’m not even at stage one yet. Stage 1 = pick up Bronco at dealership
  4. Anyone else reserve the Hummer EV SUV?

    Nope, but I will be watching the awesome videos on YouTube where off road EV’s explode during river crossings.
  5. Official 2021 BRONCO SCHEDULING UPDATE + June Production Demand vs Capacity [Commodity / Constraints] Chart

    I’m getting close to figuring out when I’ll get my bronco just some simple calculations left 😂
  6. Considering Canceling

    You could just cut the roof off your current vehicle with a sawzall. Duct tape can put it back on if you change your mind.
  7. 📷 Possible Bronco Tactical Roush Edition?

    I don’t see a single assault rifle on that list. I’m not John wick, I need more than a tactical pen.

    Try being 6’7” tall, all review mirrors are in my way, no matter the vehicle.
  9. Things to do while you wait for your Bronco

    Remember there are bigger problems right now than waiting for your bronco. Many restaurants and other small businesses are closing, and will not return, due to the pandemic. I would like my bronco as much as anyone else but as a small restaurant and food truck owner I can wait. So get out and...
  10. A Note to the 2-Door Brigade: We Get It Already!!!

    The problem is that they did not make the bronco based on the full sized truck chassis. My 93 bronco could fit 3 people, 2 dogs and all the gear we needed for a week of camping. All done while only having 2 doors. I’m 6’7” and could easily climb in the back seat. For me a bronco will always be a...
  11. Possible delays due to cargo ship stuck in Suez Canal

    I’m thinking the captain of the cargo ship Ever Given, the one stuck in the Suez Canal, was reading updates on Bronco6g and discovered even more delays to his bronco order. That caused him to get angry and lose control of the vessel Wedging in sideways in the canal. Now 100’s of cargo ships will...
  12. How extreme are you?

    I will go to a 6, but driving in Michigan can go to an 8+ at any moment.